having an orgasm or fake it?

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i think i'm going to attract more people looking for p0rn to this site with this title... lol! it's not what you think if that's what you're looking for!

nars orgasm

the best ever gift i get this year, from peony in love, the famous nars orgasm. from my days of reading alt.fashion newsgroup to the beauty blogsphere of today, people can't stop talking about it.

i've always wanted this. back in historical days, it wasn't available in australia. and when it was finally introduced in australia (along with many other things that weren't previously available), i was really excited. until i saw the price tags...

this blush is now aud$62 in australia. it's usd$26 (as shown on sephora). see the difference? i can't convince myself nor find any reason to justify such spending!

since i can't afford it, i went for the poor woman's version, silk naturals blush in climax , which is way way way more affordable. i love it!

nars orgasm and silk naturals climax

nars orgasm and silk naturals cimax side by side.

winter natural

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elf brightening eyecolor in butternut

elf brightening eye color in butternut . beautiful brown tones that's perfect to create natural look.

the eyeshadow quad looks small, but seriously, does anyone ever see the bottom of eyeshadow pans? i've never seen mine.

it's really cheap too! though i didn't pay for it. it was sent by peony in love . it's only usd$1! if i'm living in usa, i'll buy all of the colors!

the shadow is smooth to apply. and it's very pigmented, esp the darkest color in the quad.

i'm impressed with the product!

look of the day

this must have been one of rare natural looks i wear to work rencently.

au naturel

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a few months ago there was a 'trend' in the beauty blogsphere about baring their no makeup faces. i didn't bare it all. i ended up with the most minimalist look that i've ever shown on this blog.

not totally baring it doesn't mean i don't have the confidence nor i don't embrace with what i have.

i've gone out with a completely naked face. many people in real life have seen the lines, the dark circles, the flaws and the uneven skin tones. there are things i don't like. but that's what i'm borned with. that's the face i see every day and night.

since it's my birthday (should be was since it's passed midnight), i'm showing what i am borned with. the face before it was painted. just be warned that you may find it disturbing :)

simple natural look with elf

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today i played with products with natural earthy tones from my new toys. it's weekend and i always opt for simple natural look.

elf eyeshadow cream in mocha swirl

elf duo eye shadow cream in mocha swirl. very pigmenteted brown tones. perfect to achieve natural look.

i've been wanting to replace some of my earthy tone eyeshadows because they're really old andyou can hardly get any color out of them.

i wouldn't say this is a perfect replacement, because it creases on me. today i used elf eye primer. when i checked the mirror again 30 minutes after applying makeup, there's a visible line on my crease. :( but since i was very light handed with application, it's not that visible unless you're very close to my face.

elf natural radiance blusher in coy

elf natural radiance blusher in coy. mauvish and brownish in color. very pretty and natural.

look of the day

nyx lipstick in indian pink

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this is one of the goodies sent to me by linda. i've been wanting to blog about this, but i don't have the perfect pics. photos taken from iphone are so shitty its hard to get a nice clear pics out of it. i know, i should use my digicam...

nyx lipstick in indian pink

nyx lipsitick in indian pink. the color looks more coral and orangy than pink.

i originally asked her to get me strawberry milk, after seeing chaigyaru wearing this color. i know that light lipcolor and pink mostly will not suit me. i also know that i'm so much older than chaigyaru. it's looks good on a young girl. a see nai trying to look like a young girl could be ridiculous! but... i really wanted to try it.

since the color wasn't available, she chose a different color.

i wasn't sure if i like this color when i opened the tube. i don't have anything in this color range. i usually stayed away from colors like this because i was once told the color is wrong for my skin tone.

but when applied on my lips, i'm surprised to find that the color looks good on me. the color looks sort of bronzy on me. a nice spring / summer color.

this lipstick is moisturizing and pigmented. the color only fades slightly by lunch time.

look of the day

this is actually one of the looks from yesterday, while playing out different lipcolors.