Wednesday, January 5, 2022

hello world 2022!

it's been ages. 

blogging seems like something happened back in age of dinosaurs. i know blogs still exist, but do people still read them? i haven't read one for ages.

why am i here?

because i saw the blogger logo and decided to click. and there, all the blogs i once created. i was that crazy!

so i decided to clean up one and start afresh.

will i keep going?

i don't know.

majority of my life is on instagram. a picture is worth a thousand words and that's how i ceased blogging.

there are many things i don't like about that platform. being owned by facebook and now known as meta is one big reason. but i'm still there. i have quitted most social media but i can't quit instagram, maybe not yet.

so i'm starting a post. on 2022. let's see when will be my next update.

ps if you reached here for beauty product reviews.... the old site is now offline.

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