Life in Picures – while in hiatus. My Style Edition


prettymom • 2016-03-14 • Comment (1)

I’ve neglected this blog again.

The unexpected lengthy hiatus sort of started when I went back to work at the end of 2014. I suffered insomnia for quite sometime. Someone once mentioned that insomnia will fix itself once you go back to work. It’s true! Going to work forces me to sleep and wake up at ‘normal’ hours!

While I had every intention to update, I had millions of excuses not to. They all drill down to one thing – lazy! During this time I also became somewhat inactive online. Sort of stopped reading blogs and tweeting too. Instagram is the only social media that is updated more frequently. Hence I have material to restart posting again.

Let my first post after this lengthy hiatus start with something not beauty related.

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Life in Pictures – November 2014


prettymom • 2014-12-02 • Comment (1)

It’s December already?! The last month of the year! Where did time go?

I haven’t updated this blog much. I have quite a number of reviews waiting to be written and published, but there are always excuses.

I’m still somewhat active on Instagram. Follow me there to see what I’m up to! Here’s a summary of what I had been up to last month.


Oh yes, my lips again!


There are days I like natural lips with subtle colors.

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Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Color in Intense Copper


prettymom • 2014-11-18 • Comment (1)

Here’s another attempt to get ombre hair effect. This is probably going to be my last attempt as the end of my hair has gone through too much chemicals in a short period in the past 3 months and are drying out. I’ve not had split ends for years and they’re starting to show up. :(


Garnier Olia permanent hair color in intense copper. This is available in 18 shades and RRP at A$16.95. As usual, I got it when it was discounted to under A$10, but I can’t remember where I got it from – it’s either Priceline or Chemist Warehouse.


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Life in Pictures – October 2014


prettymom • 2014-11-04 • Comments (3)

Can’t believe we’re in November now! 2014 will be over soon!

Another summary of my Instagram life in the past month. If you’re not already following me, perhaps you’d like to stalk me over there?! I don’t just instagram about beauty stuffs. There are other random things as well.


Instagram - Lipsticks

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t instagram my lips. Just not as much as previous months.

My most worn lippie of the month was Revlon Lip Butter in Fig Jam, the one shown in top right.


Instagram - Nails

I did more nails this months because my broken nail has finally grown to a state it’s more presentable in photos now. Tried to make most of it before anyone of them decide to break again.

I have weak nails and I love to keep my nails long. A perfect formula for easily broken nails! It’s easily taken of had I been taking care of my nails, simply by massaging vitamin E oil to cuticles regularly. But I’m lazy. What can I say?!

I did some colorful bright nails, which were perfect for spring and summer. You can read posts corresponding to top left, top right (left hand), and bottom left in the above. I have other colors which are perfect for spring / summer too. Hopefully I’ll have time to post about them in the next few weeks.

It’s also Halloween! I’m not too crazy about this day but I did my nails just for the sake of it. Pretty Girl chose what she called ‘Halloween colors’ for me, black on my left hand and orange on my right hand.

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