ombre attempt with l'oreal superior preference in california

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l'oreal superior preference in california

i've been coloring hair myself for most part of my life, because it's so so so much cheaper. besides the monetary reason, i don't have the patience sitting in salons for hours.

in my diy hair color experience, i've never tried blonde. i know that it won't work on my dark hair without bleaching. while i prefer diy's, bleaching is something i don't think i'll ever attempt myself. i've heard too many horrible stories how hair falls and melts off.

i also know that with my dark hair color, the result will not be the same as shown on the box. it's always darker. i thought maybe i should try blonde to achieve light brown effect. this is the darkest blonde on the shelf.

i also tried a blonde because ling from the best beauty blog did a video on with blonde quite a while ago.

l'oreal superior preference in california - box

i chose l'oreal superier prefernce in #8 california natural blonde.

i don't often use this line because it's quite expensive. and when it's on sale, there are other lines on sale too which are cheaper.

the rrp is aud$19.45. i bought this at chemist warehouse when it was marked down below $10. this line don't normally mark down this low at other stores.

l'oreal superior preference in california - box

it does say on the box that this shade is not advised for dark hair. i decided to go against it to see if it will give me the desire effect.

l'oreal superior preference in california - content

content inside the box.

i really like the after care conditioner that's packaged in a tube. it's more convenient to open and store. it's also generous enough for weekly usage for a few more weeks.

the colorant comes in liquid format. the good, you don't need muscles to squeeze them out. the bad, you have to be very careful not to tip it over.

l'oreal superior preference in california - nose

as for the developer, i like that the tip that has a cap that can be opened instead most where you have to twist off with your might.

l'oreal superior preference in california - glove

i'm also impressed with the quality of the glove. it's thicker and fits my fingers. most gloves are just like wearing plastic bag with fingers feeling robotic. i can even reuse this glove again when it's time to wash my hair.

i'm disappointed with the strong amonia smell. i've been using home hair color most of my life so i'm used to the typical smell. however with the price tag, it's expected to have some sort of fragrance added to minimize the odor.

since it's blonde, and just in case it shows up as blonde, just in case! i only applied the color to the end of the hair, from around below ear level to the end, hoping to achieve ombre effect.

the result? please note that my old hair was previously colored red weeks ago and the color has faded to brown.

timeless beige

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i was going to do one of the lmff runway looks. somehow i messed up and ended up with a completely different look. scroll to the end to see the difference.

eye of the day with timeless beige

a natural shimmery eye look. the eyes may look slightly messy because i tried to cover up the original mess. but it's not that bad if you're not trying to kiss me. :p

l'oreal eyeshadow quad - timeless beige

l'oreal's color riche quad in timeless beige was used on my eyes. this is a set of earthy tones, but some may find it too shimmery for wearable and natural looks. however you can always tone it down not using too much products.

i only used 3 colors from the quads. the 2nd lightest beige on the inner 1/3 of the eyes, golden brown at the center and the darkest shade at outer corner. the same order for lower lashlines.

i also used another color from another quad, a yellow toned eyeshadow from disco smoking. this got pickup up in close shots but can hardly been seen in person.

products used on the eyes:

  • etude house proof 10 primer
  • l'oreal color riche le sourcil brow pencil in dark brown *
  • l'oreal color riche le kohl eye pencil in immaculate snow * - inner corner as base
  • l'oreal color riche quads in timeless beige * - as described above
  • l'oreal color riche quads in disco smoking * - the yellow at lower inner corner
  • revlon colorstay eyeliner in black - along top lashline and outer 1/3 of lower lashline

#lippyaday challenge

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#lippyaday is challenge started by norlim at baubles bubbles and bags to use different lippies daily from your stash - for those of us who have too many and forgotten about what we have.

here's a summary of what i shared on instagram during the 9-week challenge.


1. shiro cosmetics intertube in magnets - very moisturizing and color is buildable.

2. bourjois lipstick in rose delicat - this was at one stage my regular lipstick.

3. face of australia sheer gloss lip crayon in sundae - for days i want my-lips-but-better

4. revlon color burst lipstick in soft rose - this was my lipstick of the moment at one stage


5. face of australia sheer gloss lip crayon in macaron - love that this color is buildable.

6. laura mercier lipstick in indian summer - the color should be more red in real life. subtle kind of red.

7. sally hansen 18 hour lip treatment in clear brown - this basically looks clear on my lips, which explains why i don't wear it that often.

8. laura mercier lipstick in subtle lips - very natural. another lipstick of the moment at some stage


9. morgana cryptoria lipstick in apple plum - love this color. it looks more red in person.

10. bloom lipstick in cranberry - give my lips some color yet still looks natural.

11. l'oreal endless lipcolor in fired up - i have forgotten about this deep red lippie!

12. l'oreal endless lipcolor in mauve amor - another forgotten lippie.


13. rimmel lipstick in heavenly - didn't wear this much because i hate the bubble gum smell, but the scent isn't so strong now.

14. revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in adore - this is quite pigmented for a stain!

15. morgana cryptoria lipstick in it girl - a perfect wearable red.

16. morgana cryptoria lipstick in tomato - another red. can we have too many red lipsticks?


17. l'oreal color riche lipstick in velvet rose * - the color is not nude but it's my perfect nude.

18. l'oreal color riche lipstick in intense fuchsia * - it yells for attention!

19. de leon cosmetics lipstick balm in #1 * - the perfect red for fall and winter

20. shiro cosmetics intertubes in robe and wizard hat - blue lips! i normally wear this as a base color.

if you do the math, there should be 9 weeks x 7 days = 63 different lips. i have far less photos.

you see, i'm not working now (ie i'm unemployed) and so i don't wear makeup everyday. and when i do, i sometimes forgot to snap shots. i also didn't start sharing my lips until a few weeks after the challenge started.

i wish this challenge started earlier. my lipstick stash was massively decluttered during x'mas break. hence there weren't too many discoveries and surprises intended by the challenge. but i did discovered some old favorites along the way.

the challenge is now over. since i haven't been doing this daily, i still have quite a number of lipsticks to go through and will probably continue the #lippyaday tag. make sure you follow me on instagram!

i know my photos are filtered and not showing true colors, but that's what instagram is for!

the best thing out of this challenge? i won a set of l'oreal shine caresse lip color! this is so exciting!

my day #18 was chosen - i can't believe the silly shot of my fish pout was one of the reasons i won. i normally don't post publicly silly photos because... i'm too old for that. but i thought the lip color looked great and posted it for a good laugh. i guess it's ok to make fun of myself sometimes. 8)

products marked with * were sent for consideration.

it's another casual look

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i'm running out of names for simiple looks...

a few weeks ago i received a care package from l'oreal for the lmff event. i did a look inspired by one of the many looks in the event. i have plans to do looks based on or inspired by others looks, but my eyes are still slightly swollen and sensitive so i have to keep them makeup free.

the only looks i can do now are just simple. anything without eye makeup or with minimal eye makeup are simple. i don't know about you, but it takes so much time for me to do eye makeup than the rest of the face.

products used

products used in today's look:

  • l'oreal lumi magique foundation in pure pearl
  • covergirl and olay simply ageless concealer #210
  • l'oreal nude magique bb powder - along the t-zone
  • l'oreal nude magique bb blush
  • l'oreal color riche le sourcil eye brow pencil in golden brown and deep brown - the darker color near the tail of the brows
  • revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in adore

beaute pacifique enriched moisturizing creme review

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skin carereview

beaute pacifique enriched moisturizing creme

beaute pacifique enriched moisturizing creme for dry skin. 50 ml rrp aud$57. this product was recommended by my friend.

beaute pacifique enriched moisturizing creme

product description (taken from the website):

Beauté Pacifique Enriched Moisturising Crème for Dry Skin is an intensive, long-lasting moisturising care cream to deliver renewed skin softness. Use for dry, fragile and/or sensitive skin. It contains antioxidants to protect against ageing and sunscreen to protect against ultraviolet radiation. Key ingredients include glycerine to penetrate the epidermis for intense moisture, squalane to soften skin and restore youth, lanolin to maintain skin balance, aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder to soothe and heal, tocopheryl acetate to protect against free radicals and hydrolysed collagen to build an invisible shield of moisture.
beaute pacifique enriched moisturizing creme - product

the texture is very rich and extremely nourishing. if you don't have dry skin, you may find it too heavy and perhaps greasy.