garnier bb cream giveaway winners!

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sorry it's taking a while. it's school holidays and busy spending some quality times with kids.

some entries were voided because mandatory rule was not followed or i cannot find the specified info (eg, if you don't link your tweet and i can't find it - twitter doesnt seem to let me find my own mentions that far back into history.)

here are the winners of my first blog giveaway, drawn via


congratulations! winners will be contacted by email. please reply with your full name and mailing address within the specified time frame.

a big think you to those who have entered and garnier for sponsoring this giveaway.

ps, don't worry if you didn't win. i'm planning another giveaway soon.

2x garnier bb creams were sent for review. i'm not affiliated with garnier and no monetary compensation received to run this giveaway.

another blue / grey subtle smokey eyes

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this is another version of suble smokey eyes to the one i did a few days ago with evil shades eyeshadow in singing waters. the color is more intensified with a black base - with evilshades spectrum pots in absorbed.

subtle smokey eotd

the eyes were primed with de leon cosmetics primer. de leon eyeshadow in #1 coal minef's daughter was applied along the lash line and 1/2 way up towards the crease, and leftover color added to lower lashline. evil shades singing waters was applied over the eyeshadow and up above the crease area. nyx jumbo pencil in yoghurt was added to the inner corner of the eyes. black rose minerals bonehead was added to the browbone. the eye was completed with pf gel eyeliner in black and maybelline turbo volum express mascara.

though the photo probably look almost the same as the look i did a few days ago, the color was more intensified in real life.

i've had the spectrum pots for a while but i haven't done a review on it yet. quite a number of bloggers are raving it while i can't seem to make it work for me.

here's why.

the eyes after a few hours

this photo is taken 3 hrs after makeup.

the other eye that has worse creasing problem was oilier and had a solid line of eyeshadow deposited on the crease line.

when using the colors from my spectrum palettes as base, it does intensify and enhance the colors. but at the same time it speeds up the rate of creasing. :(

i tried applying it with the sponge applicator it comes with. i tried it with different eyeshadow brushes. i tried it with my fingers.

if it's bad only 2-3 hrs after makeup, imagine my normal close to 10-hr day.

blame it on primer? blame it on eyeshadow?

i've been testing out ways of using primer from de leon cosmetics. eyeshadow could last about 8 hours.

i've done looks with the same eyeshadows. they lasted about 8 hours with primers.

any better tips to make it work? i'm still trying to work out before posting a review.

look of the day

silk naturals organic lipstick in bombshell

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silk naturals organic lipstick in bomshell

silk naturals organic lipstick in bombshell. usd$5.75.

silk naturals organic lipstick in bomshell - the color

color of lipstick. it's describe as red, a really really red.

silk naturals organic lipstick in bomshell - color swatch

color swatched at the back of my hand.

silk naturals organic lipstick in bomshell - lip swatch

color on my lips.

in real life, the color isn't as bright. it's deeper and quite close to the color swatched at the back of my hand.

my thoughts

i have a thing for red lippies. this is one of those perfect classic red.

this is very moisturizing and pigmented. (though the degree of pigment isn't as great as de leon's lipstick balms.)

i was surpised how pigmented this is, when compared to my small collection of silk natural lipsticks, which are very sheer. after going through the website again i realized what i have are kisser slicker lipgloss sticks, which belongs to another category in the lip products.

this comes in a slim tube. i like the label, which is better than the ones that i own (with the current ones, the label is just like normal paper quality and the print will fade and become completely nothing).

the staying power lasts better than the kisser slickers, but will fade over time and eventually disappears. it will also leave stain on the cup.

like other sn lippies, this is scentless. love!

if you like red lipsticks, you may consider adding this to your collection!

in action

casual look with 5 items

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one of the most popular topics in the beauty blogsphere (and even youtube) is 5-item challenge.

i always want to do it but never seem to be able to meet the challenge. there are too many essential items i need for my makeup face. i'm not young like most bloggers who are already stunning without makeup and require only minimal items. no matter how minimal i tried i always ended up with more than 5 items.

it was purely coincident that i finally meet the challenge.

firstly, i decided to be a good girl and washed all my brushes. they're all wet and i had no brushes to use.

secondly, it's weekend. i was going out briefly. i didn't need much makeup. i bascially had a no-makeup face. i don't think i'll ever meet the challenge with a full face makeup.

casual look with 5 items

the 5 items used today. from top to bottom, morgana cryptoria lipstick in tangerine, rimmel brow pencil in dark brown, silk naturals lip balm in pina colada, elf eyelid primer, maybelline mineral power concealer in ivory.

just some explanation the choice of products used.

rimmel brow pencil in dark brown. i have almost invisible brows due to over plucking in my younger days. without brows i have a blank face. i could've skipped this item if my brows are re-tattooed. but i don't want to spend money on that.

maybelline mineral power concealer in ivory. concealer is a must to cover my dark circles and blemishes here and there. it's not my favorite concealer (read my review) because it was too light. even though i've been paler during the winter months, it's still too light for me. not something i'd want to use everyday. i'm fine wearing it just for a few hours.

elf eyelid primer. this primer doesn't work for me. my bare eyelid will become oily fairly quickly. it's used to delay the oily look. since i only went out for 2 hrs it seems to do the job.

silk naturals lip balm in pina colada. my dry lips need lip balms as base before lipsticks. this is a new acquasition. loving it!

morgana cryptoria lipstick in tangerine. this is my least favorite color from my first order from the site. nothing wrong with the lipstick itself. it's just the color that's too light for my liking. it seems like a good chance to use something i don't really like.

is it blue? is it grey?

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evil shades eyeshadow in ninihkisini aohkii

evil shades eyeshadow in ninihkisini aohkii (singing waters). the name is so hard to remember! i'll just refer it to its english name.

this is a gwp from a recent order. the photo does not justice to the color. it's quite 'complex'. in general it looks blue. depends on the angle you look at it, it can be blue or grey. under sunlight you also see some pretty sparkles.

evil shades eyeshadow in ninihkisini aohkii - bottom of jar

the bottom of the jar. the font makes it hard to read.

evil shades eyeshadow in ninihkisini aohkii - cute packaging

cute logo!

here's my look of the day wearing this eyeshadow. i've worn it a few times in the past but the photos didn't turn out good enough to share. the color of the eyeshadow can be more intense depends on the base use. it was used lightly today to create a very subtle smokey eyes.

evil shades eyeshadow in ninihkisini aohkii - eotd

evil shades eyeshadow in singing waters all over the lid up to the crease and on lower lashline. black rose minerals eyeshadow in bonehead from crease to brow bone. savvy by db liquid eyeliner in black / brown. lash coated with maybelline the turbo volum express mascara.

the eyeliner is less than perfect. i haven't been drawing eyeliner for a while. i've forgotten how to use liquid eyeliner!