l'oreal eye smoker

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l'oreal eye smokers

l'oreal eye smoker line and shadow crayon in forest (green), eggplant (plum) and indigo (navy). they're discontinued.

i quite like these big pencils. you can do subtle smokey eyes with them or you can do dark smokey eyes with them. indigo was used to create navy smokey eyes in a previous post.

one of those products that i bought long time ago and neglected.

they were rediscovered recently after watching a few makeup tutorials using nyx jumbo eyepencils (swatches). it's probably good news that nyx is not available in australia or i'll buy every single colors!

the official website doesn't ship internationally, but makeupgeek store does... hmm... very tempting!

rimmel lasting finish intensive wear lipstick

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what a lengthy mouthful name!

this is the first time i bought lipsticks from rimmel. this brand has been around for a while but i never really bother looking at it because i don't want to look like kate moss. sorry kate moss fans. she's just never one of those models that appeals too me. she didn't stand out amonst the supermodels. not typically pretty. too skinny. not to mention her involvement with drugs.

my first ever purchase from this brand were mascaras, when they were all marked down to $10 each. i've used only 1 so far and i'm not totally impressed. to be fair i haven't used mascaras for a while and i've just added that back to my makeup routine. i'll have to try others to give a better review.

besides buying online, i haven't bought lipsticks for a long time. i ended up getting them because i saw some youtubers used them in makeup tutorials. and they were under $10.

rimmel lipsticks

i got asia and heavenly.

happy chinese new year

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happy chinese new year of the tiger

the red envelopes for the kids, nieces and nephews. the hello kitty ones are for the girls.

it's good that we're in australia we don't distribute these red envelopes to the singles. only kids in our famiy gets them.

look of the day

the traditional color for this event is red. it means good luck. the more red the better. i was thinking going for a red look. but since i was going to family dinner where most of them don't wear makeups, or at most lipsticks, i don't want to shock them. too much red can also look like those actors at chinese opera.

i also wanted to keep my eyes makeup free. not because i wanted to look 'normal'. i think i used a too-coarse cotton pad to remove eye makeup and my the outer corner of my right eye lid was quite sensitive.

i went for a soft pink look.

going navy

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the look was using techniques used in smokey eye makeup tutorial by frmheadtotoe, after rewatched the tutuorial again when writing previous post.

i used navy instead of black because i was wearing something navy. i also re-discovered l'oreal eye smoker that i bought ages ago. it used to be my favorite until i moved onto something else. i will write a review on this.

products used

prep the face with moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation and concealer.

l'oreal eye smoker in indigo. used it to fill in the eye lid to crease and smudge with brush. filled in again and smudge to the desired result. i also used the same pencil to line both top and bottom lashlines (outer 1/3 on the bottom).

australis chubbie eye, cheek, lip pencil in silver ice (pearly white) on the brow bone, the inner corner of the eyes and line the lower lid 2/3 from inner corner.

edm eyeshadow in 10 items or less across the lid.

rimmel lipstick in asia.

l'oreal gloss in pineapple sorbet - basically a clear gloss with hint of gold. just dab at the center of lips. it will eventually spread out.

the look

subtle smokey eyes

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makeup tutorial by frmheadtotoe @ youtube

smokey eye makeup tutorial by frmheadtotoe.

discovered her tutorials while looking for tutorials on how koreans do their makeups. the korean stars look so natural. i wanted to find out what are the hard works behind to achieve such no-makeup natural looks.

today i tried smokey eyes based on one of her tutorials. i watched it quite a while ago. i don't think it's this one. i remember the look was achieved by applying black eye pencil, smudge, repeat and rinse until the required intensity is achieved. but i can't seem to locate the tube.

ps monolid girls, you have to watch her tutorials!

look of the day