Thursday, April 11, 2024

thoughts - and just like that...

i watched 'and just like that...' season 1 and 2 on flight to and from japan. i miss some plots here and there because i fell asleep here and there. 

i was satc fan. i was excited when i knew the new series coming. but it was on a platform i wasn't subscribed to and didn't want another subscription. so i was excited when i found the series on the plane.

spoiler alert.

here are my thoughts. keep in mind i watched it 5 months ago, i missed some plots and my memory may be corrupted.

  • i miss samantha! it's not the same without her! i already knew she won't be there, but it still sucks not seeing her.
  • she lived through text - but it was hard to see text messages from the small plane screen. 
  • ok, she did a cameo but that's not enough. that cameo scene was just for the sake of seeing a few seconds of her.
  • big - why why why?
  • it was happy ending in satc finale. it was happy ending in movie 1 & 2. sucks to see how it ended right in the beginning.
  • isn't it too soon that carrie was already to date again?! 
  • miranda - she's so unlikable! 
  • steve - did they purposely dumb-ify him to make sense miranda's storyline?
  • i probably get hated for saying this - why does every drama nowadays must have diversity and lgbtqia+ storylines? 
  • i don't like the new characters - they seem to be there just for the above point.
  • rose became rock... referring to the same point.
  • miranda and che... yes, same point again. one of the worst storyline - can't see the chemistry.
  • and so che becomes another unlikable character. but she's the only new character i remember the name. i don't remember the others!
  • charlotte and harry - the most 'normal' characters / couples
  • carrie and aiden?
  • i like aiden, probably the best boyfriend in carrie's dating history. but with the way they broke up, it doesn't make sense they're back together.
in conlusion, i don't like it. the story should have stopped where it was. ok the 2nd movie was not great. it should have ended in the 1st movie.

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