Thursday, December 7, 2023

hello world and 2023 will be over soon!

so, here is my next update. which is almost 2 years after the last post.

there's no motivation to update.

i don't read blogs anymore. it's more like blogs i used to read aren't updated anymore. besides there's nothing interesting in my life to blog / share.

majority of my social life is still on instagram, though i've spent less time on the platform too.

i always expressed how much i don't like the platform. 

removing recent posts from tags page is the main reason that drove me away. also, seeing quite a number of accounts that were banned or shadow banned or removed for unexplained reasons drove me away. the less i use it there's less chance of me getting into their version of 'wrong-doings'.

the only reason i'm still there is participating in #wowlipswednesday. playing with lipsticks is still my hobby.

the most interesting happened is recent trip to japan with my family. my last overseas trip was 5 years ago and the destination was also japan. (this was about the last trip. <-- i had too many blogs lol)

this trip was as good as the last one! i already want to go back!

i love japan. the food. the shopping. the everything. include toilets! who would have thought i can be so fascinated about toilets!

the only thing i hate is coming home with covid. i felt sick the day before we left. didn't think it could be covid until i was back, saw a doctor and he suggested to do a test.

i was shocked to see the 2nd line. i've been managed to avoid the bloody virus until now!

still recovering. tested negative but the cough continues... :/