simple look with skinfood

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it's been a little while since this site is updated. i went through an unmotivated phase due to 'things in life'. instead of stressing myself out i decided to take a short break staying away from this blog for a while.

i don't know if i'm back regularly yet. i did a simple look today that i really like and decided to blog about it.

earlier this month, i broke my spending ban (again!) and bought skinfood bb cream and concealer from ebay. they arrived during my short break. i've been playing with them love them!

products used

first, products used for the look (in order of use):

  • skinfood good afternoon honey black tea bb cream
  • skinfood salmon darkcircle concealer cream
  • etude house proof 10 primer - on eyelids and brows
  • l'oreal le grand kohl in raisin - define and fill in brows
  • revlon colorstay liquid eye pen - on top lashline concentrate on center of the eyes
  • physician's formula cheek palette in rose palette
  • morgana cryptoria lipstick in apple plum
eye makeup

plum brows and bare eyes.

i'm currently going through pencil products i don't use on my brows. i colored my hair red for chinese new year and want something red to match my hair. i think lip pencils work better than my eye pencil collection in terms of color matching but they still do not meet my expectation. i think my hair color probably fades before i find anything perfect.

l'oreal nude magique bb cream

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l'oreal nude magique bb cream

l'oreal nude magic bb cream. this was released in australia sometimes last year.

it is marketed as the first bb cream with intelligent pigments:

L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream contains micro-encapsulated pigments that break up on application. When broken, the capsules release coloured pigments that instantly transform and adapt to each skin type and tone… offering a true colour osmosis. This advanced technology means that the two available shades of Nude Magique BB Cream - Light and Medium – are able to intelligently cater for all phenotypes.
l'oreal nude magique bb cream

the product promises:

Nude Magique BB Cream offers revolutionary results including 24-hour moisturisation, a flawless complexion with a nude finish, smart pigments capsules that adapt to every skintone, plus antioxidants and SPF 12 UV protection.

it's known that western version of bb creams are very different from asian versions. this is no different.

l'oreal nude magique bb cream

first, the product looks nothing like 'traditional' bb creams.

it comes in white runny lotion with tiny blue beads that feels gritty when applied. it's when you rubbed the lotion into the skin you see it magically changes color and blends into the skin.

l'oreal nude magique bb cream - swatch

the colors after rubbed into the skin. since it comes in only 2 shades, i doubt it suites those with too pale or too dark skin colors.

l'oreal nude magique bb cream

the product comes in sleek tube with very thin nozzels, which makes it easy to control the amount i want. this is a plus given that the product is very watery.

user experience

the product is unscented. i swear i smell something plastic-y when applied on my face. but when i sniff hard, nothing.

i find that it's best applied with hands to break down the beads and give a more even application. probably not something you'd use when you're in a rush because it requires a bit of work to really work it into the skin.

there isn't much coverage with this product, but it gives a more even complexion and a nice silky matte finish to give an illusion of a better than bare skin. this is something i'd wear on good skin days as it doesn't cover blemishes.

this lasts probably about 4 to 5 hours on me. since it blends perfectly into the skin it's not so noticiable that the foundation has worn off.

because i have dry skin, i need a very nourished moisturizer as based and can't say much about it's claim about 24hr hydration.

it's nice the product has spf. however i wouldn't fully rely on it as i believe you need quite a lot of product to achieve that. i prefer to apply minimal amount. but it's nice to have for those opps-i-forgot-sunscreen moments (which happens to me all the time!) that you know you have some sort of protection.

roses with a touch of gold

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chinese new year is coming and i was planning to do a festive look. something reddish and goldenish. but after i applied a base color and added golden pigments, i thought it looked good and ended right there.


products used on the eyes:

  • etude house proof 10 primer
  • reddish brown eyeshadow on the brows
  • bokeh face eyeshadow in roses - all around the eyes (this brand is no longer available)
  • essence pigment in be my brightsmaid - center of the lids
  • detrivore eyeshadow in absent - very small amount along the lower lashlines
  • essence gel liner in london baby - top lashline
  • nyx jumbo pencil in yoghurt -  inner corners
  • maybelline the falsies mascara

oldies: diorific plastic shine

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diorific plastic shine

diorific plastic shine. i bought this because a friend said it's very shiny and has great staying power. a gloss with great staying power! i was sold.

i really like the design of the tube. one reason why i kept this for so long even though i don't use it.

this perhaps was one of the most expensive wastage. i believe it was aud$30-something about 10 years ago. i only wore it once.

love the great shine it gives. very very shiny. just like the name, a new clean shiny plastic kind of shine.

diorific plastic shine

the problem was the color. it is a very intense dark brown, almost like dark chocolate.

i chose this color because i liked dark colors. it's a very nice dark color. in fact, i really like how it looks on my lips. if i don't eat nor drink all day.

dark colors as gloss can be quite messy with drinks. while the color stays, the color became quite uneven after a drink and the lips became hot mess after a few drinks. i didn't know how awful my lips were until i checked in the mirror.

this could be a nice gloss for going to events without food or drinks. or even night clubs. unfortunately i never had the chance to go to these places.

after all these years it didn't smell bad (great preservatives?) while i'm somewhat ok applying old lipsticks, i'm not too sure about glosses. i just had to let go because it'll probably sit in my makeup drawer for another 10 years untouched.

more than minimal with galactic era

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i decided to i need a more interesting look than the usual minimal makeup looks because i'm bored with them!

etod with eccentric cosmetics galactic era

wearing eccentric cosmetics eyeshadow in galatic era. the color is described as "warm brown with scatterings of silver and gold sparks". while the silvers and the golds shows up better when swatched, it's only show up subtlely on the eyes. nevertheless, it's a beautiful brown and love how it works well with my eyes.

this is the 2nd time i'm trying to do a look with this eyeshadow. maybe because of the sparkles, there were lots of fall outs that showed up exponentially in photos with macro settings. this time round i added dgc's glitter glue to see if it holds the eyeshadows better and tap out excess shadow before applying. while there are still minor fallouts, they're not so obvious with naked eyes.

etod with eccentric cosmetics galactic era

products used on the eyes:

  • etude house proof 10 eye primer
  • detrivore cosmetics eyeshadow in wretched - on the brows, and outer 1/3 of the eyelids
  • eccentric cosmetics eyeshadow in galactic era * - all over the eyes and lower lashline
  • the balm overshadow in if you're rich, i'm single - center of the eyelid
  • essence gel liner in london baby - on top lashlines and outer 1/3 of lower lashlines, smudge out with wretched
  • maybelliens the falsies mascara
  • nyx jumbo pencil in yoghurt - inner corner and on cupid's bow on the lips