Archive: July 2012

a messy look with cairo and black math


prettymom • 2012-07-29 • Comments (3)

weekend sample baggie makeup challenge #7. it’s been ages i’ve attempted to do makeup with sample baggies.

black rose minerals eyeshadow in cairo and black math. cairo is a matte shadow described as ‘dark ochre hue’.¬†black math is described as ‘black…

coppery eyes with edward


prettymom • 2012-07-22 • Comments (0)

black rose minerals eyeshadow in edward. the color is described as ‘a burnt orange with coppery sheen’. do you spot the pretty golden sparkles in the eyeshadow?

i was going to call it smokey eyes, but it’s too light to be classified as one. with the…

wearable bright pink with death valley


prettymom • 2012-07-20 • Comments (0)

detrivore eyeshadow in death valley is a very bright pink color. i wanted something to match my top yet look subtle. i dabbed a bit of the color along the lashline and toned down with quite a bit of blending. still get some note of bright pink on my…