a messy look with cairo and black math

weekend sample baggie makeup challenge #7. it’s been ages i’ve attempted to do makeup with sample baggies.

black rose minerals eyeshadow in cairo and black math. cairo is a matte shadow described as ‘dark ochre hue’.¬†black math is described as ‘black…

coppery eyes with edward

black rose minerals eyeshadow in edward. the color is described as ‘a burnt orange with coppery sheen’. do you spot the pretty golden sparkles in the eyeshadow?

i was going to call it smokey eyes, but it’s too light to be classified as one. with the…

wearable bright pink with death valley

detrivore eyeshadow in death valley is a very bright pink color. i wanted something to match my top yet look subtle. i dabbed a bit of the color along the lashline and toned down with quite a bit of blending. still get some note of bright pink on my…

seven wonders moroccan argan oil skin serum review

i’m really excited to have the opportunity to try seven wonders moroccan argan oil skin serum.
seven wonders is an australian natural skin and hair care brand.



product was provided for consideration.

a look with mac cranberry

it’s been ages i’ve not used mac cranberry eyeshadow. it was at one stage my eyeshadow of the moment. i fell in love with indie loose powder eyeshadow and somehow forgot about it.

i know it looks too light to look like mac cranberry eyeshadow.
it in…

golden riding hood

today’s eye makeup was inspired by autumn leaves which is gold and red. somehow the red looks more orange in photos than in person.

please excuse the uneven brows. i didn’t notice it wasn’t evenly brushed until after i got out of the house. blame…

daytime smokey theo

i’m in love with smokey eyes recently. not only it’s perfect for the season, it’ great to hide away smudges from eyeliners i frequently get. don’t have to fix my makeup during the day.
i always have problem with eyeliners smudging to the lower eye area…