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qsilica remove makeup & grime cleansing gel review


prettymom • 2012-06-29 • Comments (0)

qsilica remove makeup and grime cleansing gel.
it comes in 100ml sleek black squeeze tube with flat top cap. perfect to stand in shower or next to the basin.

product description, taken from the website:
Our foaming cleansing gel uses natural Sugar…

it’s purple brows and red lips kind of casual day


prettymom • 2012-06-24 • Comments (2)

i’m a bit annoyed that i only get to do fotd posts on weekends now. those posts are probably boring to most people since i only do simple looks, but it’s something i enjoy doing.
it’s so hard to get out of bed in this historically freezing mornings. ad…

beaute pacifique scars and stripes review


prettymom • 2012-06-19 • Comments (0)

beaute pacifique scars and stripes fade-away creme for scars & stretchmarks.
a while ago i helped my friend setting up an information website for her clinic. in return she sent me some beaute pacifique skin cares.

product description (taken from…

a subtle golden glitter eyeliner look


prettymom • 2012-06-17 • Comments (2)

i’ve done glitter eyes with normal eye liners in the past. but after watching one of pixiwoo’s latest makeup tutorial, i’ve learned a better and easier way to do it!
what i’ve done in the past was drawing the darker eyeliner on the lashline first, then…

puretopia whisk away creamy face cleanser review


prettymom • 2012-06-15 • Comments (0)

back in november last year i won a set of puretopia skin cares from giveaway hosted by danni’s beauty blog. this is a review on one of the products.

puretopia whisk away rehydrating & moisturising creamy face cleanser.
what a wordy name!