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pretty mistake


prettymom • 2012-05-29 • Comments (0)

weekend sample baggie makeup challenge #6. this is a look worn on sunday.

a freebie from an order from black rose minerals. i left a note with my last purchase that i don’t mind getting some ‘pretty mistakes’ if rosa ran out of idea what to include a…

cherry blossom pink with capt. kuchiki


prettymom • 2012-05-26 • Comments (2)

weekend sample baggie makeup challenge #5.

black rose minerals eyeshadow in capt. kuchiki. this is one of the colors in soul reaper collection. i fell in love with the color when i saw the swatch on the facebook page. but it wasn’t available yet at t…

part of new skin care routines with silk naturals


prettymom • 2012-05-24 • Comments (2)

i don’t talk much about skin care routines because it’s simple and minimal and it’s been the same for years.
my skin has not been behaving since last summer. most affordable creams i tried don’t provide the magic i’m after. i know it’s impossible but i…

garnier clean sensitive gentle eye makeup remover review


prettymom • 2012-05-22 • Comments (2)

garnier clean sensitive gentle eye makeup remover.
i can’t remember the price. i got it from priceline quite a while ago. rrp under aud$10. of course i got it when it was discounted.

i have been removing eye makeups with extra virgin olive oil for a…

a no-makeup makeup with silk naturals tinker


prettymom • 2012-05-18 • Comments (0)

silk naturals eyeshadow in tinker. it was a gift with purchase from a recent order.
it was a skin care order. i tried some samples and really like them. i have a 1/2 written post about them.
i didn’t get any makeups. i really wanted to but controlled…