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Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Color in Intense Copper


prettymom • 2014-11-18 • Comment (1)

garnier olia in 7.40 intense copper

Here’s another attempt to get ombre hair effect. This is probably going to be my last attempt as the end of my hair has gone through too much chemicals in a short period in the past 3 months and are drying out. I’ve not had split ends for years and they’re starting to show up…. More »

July 2014 Empties


prettymom • 2014-08-01 • Comments (2)

july empties

I don’t think I’ve ever done Empties posts. I usually throw things away as soon as they’re finished and it feels like I’m collecting junks as I’m already collecting quite a lot of half-used products, not knowing when I’ll ever use them again. Since I’m in tight-ass mode, I decided I should try to finish… More »