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natural look with giza and radical


prettymom • 2013-11-24 • Comments (2)

it’s been quite a long while since i’ve posted any looks because my looks have been the same most times. i haven’t been in the mood to do anything adventurous nor exciting.
this is one of the many natural looks, using new loots i bought myself for my…

simple and natural with l’oreal glam bronze la terra


prettymom • 2013-09-08 • Comments (0)

l’oreal paris glam bronze la terra was one of the products included in lmff package received quite a few months ago. this is a product that didn’t get my interest, because, well, it’s a bronzer.
for those who know me, i’m not a bronzer fan. while i do h…

spring orange


prettymom • 2013-09-01 • Comments (0)

it’s first day of spring down under!
it’s also my first fotd in a long time. i’m kinda excited i can wear more makeups now!

initially my eyes were makeup free, but it looked too plain so i added a bit of orange to match my orange lips. it’d be perfect…

so minimal look with 3 items


prettymom • 2013-07-28 • Comments (0)

it’s been a while i’ve posted makeup looks. the excuse? my face had allergic reaction to something and i can’t wear makeup. and my excuse prior to the reaction? the fotds turns out bad.
today i wore a true minimal look with very minimal products. trying…

stormy night smokey eyes


prettymom • 2013-06-15 • Comments (0)

this is an attempt to do lmff runway look 4 (scroll to the end of the post for face chart). it’s a strong graphite liner look. obviously i failed at doing it. since i didn’t have time to do it again, the eges were smudged and turned it into smokey eyes.…