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simple and neutral with walking on eggshells

by prettymom on 2012-11-17 20:32 • 2 feedbacks »


a simple and neutral eyes, perfect for everyday wear. key product of the look, wet and wild color icon eyesahdow trio in walking in egg shells. a nice set of amazing neutral colors. i'll post a review soon. this is a gift my wonderful online friend… more »

thick brows again with mochi

by prettymom on 2012-08-27 00:43 • 2 feedbacks »


it's weekend and it's time to play with thick brow look again. it's not easy for me so i can only try it on weekends when i have more time. it took me almost 20 minutes working on them today!!/gasp! i still couldn't get them perfect! not as thick nor… more »

top 11 products of 2011

by prettymom on 2011-12-31 17:21 • 3 feedbacks »


i was going to do top 10 products, but since there are many top 11 products floating around the beauty blogspheres, i'll just be a copycat and do what everyone are doing. it's not easy to narrow down to only 11 products from my ever growing stash. h… more »