Life in Pictures – September 2014

Nowadays I’m less active on twitter because most of people I follow aren’t very active over there anymore. It’s quite lonely on that realm. Anyone feel this way?

I’m more active on Instagram. There are less interactions on Instagram but it’s a different story. It’s easy to snap and upload (of course I do some extra works of putting them in grids and add watermarks in between). Besides “a picture says a thousand words”, Instagram doesn’t seem to limit text input to 140 characters only when I need to babble.

Here’s a compilation / selection of what I Instagramed last month.


Continue to show off my love of lipsticks!

Look Good... Feel Better - Dream week - 7 days of lipstick

Earlier this month I participated on #7daysoflipsticks and had a great time looking for bold and bright lipsticks to wear. I posted about this great cause so I won’t repeat it here.

instagram 201409

After wearing bold and colorful lips for a while, I’m now into stained lips. Stained lips look is great for those who are afraid of wearing bold and colorful lips. I’m not afraid of bold and colorful lips but it’s a nice change to look more subtle. I think it goes better with my usual minimal makeup face.

Besides, it’s spring and everything looks better softer.


instagram 201409

Colorful nails for the spring! Left, experimenting with new polishes. Right, wearing color of the year and I love it! (I blogged about it here.)

One thing I wanted to do more since re-launched this blog is nail posts, but my nails aren’t cooperating with me. It’s always the nails on my left hand that choose to break. Sadly I can only use left hand for swatching because 1) my fingers on right hand don’t look that great and I blame it on not holding pens properly when I was younger and 2) I can’t apply nail polish properly with my left hand.


instagram 201409

Playing with pretty girl’s hair is part of life (the fun of having a daughter!) especially now her hair has passed shoulder length. There are more options! Yet, she still can’t look after her hair and it can be quite a mess if I can’t get up to comb her hair in mornings. Should I cut it or let it grow? Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma…

Both of these braided styles come from YouTube tutorials. Left, I can’t remember where it comes from. Right, from Lilith Moon.


instagram 201409

I don’t like fruits but I have to eat them for healthy reasons. We discovered a new way to make me enjoy fruits more. Drown them in creams! I love cream and it has to be full fat cream! Probably not that great from keeping my figure’s perspective but it’s yummy in my tummy. Now I have excuses to buy cream more regularly. And probably need excuse to buy new jeans because at this rate I probably won’t fit into what I wear soon!

instagram 201409

We dine out once or twice a week, because cooking can be quite a chore. I only want to cook quick and easy meals and I have only that much quick and easy meals on my menu. It gets boring not just eating but cooking almost the same food everyday. It’s not budget friendly dining out but I love being lazy once a while, and feel guilty about it later…

We eat dumplings almost every weekend. Frozen dumplings of course. I love making dumplings from scratch, including from the dough, but it’s not fun doing it all by myself. I wish I have friends here whom I can make dumplings with. I used to be really against frozen dumplings but I can’t fight the convenience it brings.


instagram 201409

Yes, I’m still addicted to 2048. Found Hexagonal 2048 and enjoyed the variation. However this app drains so much phone battery I have to uninstall it. Sad.

I’m back to play 4×4 grid because it takes too long for 5×5 and bigger grids. It was amazing I went into 16384 zone. I’ve never gone this far and I’m still going. Yes, I’m in practice mode that’s how I can get this far. Shhhh….

6 thoughts on “Life in Pictures – September 2014

  1. Sarah Barrett Reply

    Love your lipstick and your nails! So so beautiful!!

    I am a dumpling lover too. I wish you were closer, cause I would so be on your doorstep demanding that you teach me how to make them from scratch. I sometimes buy frozen ones, but hate the ingredient lists. And we just don’t go out enough. xS

  2. Pinky Poinker Reply

    Her hair is beautiful! Don’t cut it! I know it’s all very well for me to say that because I don’t have to comb it every morning. Those lipsticks are lovely. You look as though you could get away with any colour!

    • prettymom Post authorReply

      She starting to do her own hair in the mornings now. Still messy but she’s trying. I’ll let it grow for the time being, just because I want to play with it too! 🙂

  3. Mandy Reply

    I don’t hang out much on twitter anymore either. Too many social media networks to keep up with! I much prefer Instagram too. I love looking at everyone’s pictures. Gosh, you are such a true lipstick lover!!

    • prettymom Post authorReply

      Mandy, yes, there are too many social media out there. If you had known me me 10+ years ago, I was even crazier about lipsticks!

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