Life in Pictures – October 2014

Can’t believe we’re in November now! 2014 will be over soon!

Another summary of my Instagram life in the past month. If you’re not already following me, perhaps you’d like to stalk me over there?! I don’t just instagram about beauty stuffs. There are other random things as well.


Instagram - Lipsticks

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t instagram my lips. Just not as much as previous months.

My most worn lippie of the month was Revlon Lip Butter in Fig Jam, the one shown in top right.


Instagram - Nails

I did more nails this months because my broken nail has finally grown to a state it’s more presentable in photos now. Tried to make most of it before anyone of them decide to break again.

I have weak nails and I love to keep my nails long. A perfect formula for easily broken nails! It’s easily taken of had I been taking care of my nails, simply by massaging vitamin E oil to cuticles regularly. But I’m lazy. What can I say?!

I did some colorful bright nails, which were perfect for spring and summer. You can read posts corresponding to top left, top right (left hand), and bottom left in the above. I have other colors which are perfect for spring / summer too. Hopefully I’ll have time to post about them in the next few weeks.

It’s also Halloween! I’m not too crazy about this day but I did my nails just for the sake of it. Pretty Girl chose what she called ‘Halloween colors’ for me, black on my left hand and orange on my right hand.


Instagram - Hair

Didn’t take too much snap shots of Pretty Girl’s hair this month. She wasn’t in the mood for me to play with her hair and I threat to cut hers if she doesn’t put up her hair, which upsets her further… Ha, I’m bad mom. :p

When Pretty Girl and I aren’t “fighting”, we like to do “twin things”. Like going out with the same hairstyle. I don’t recall I’ve ever been out with piggy tails since becoming adult because it’s little girl’s hair! But she managed to convince me to go out with her in pig tails… I felt so silly that day!

Around Sydney

Instagram - Sydney

We used to drive through Sydney Harbor Bridge everyday when the boy was little – I worked in the City and we sent him to a child care center close to where I work. It was probably a bad choice because traffic through the bridge is always bad during peak hours. Thinking back I couldn’t believe we went through it for 4 years!

Nowadays we only go through the bridge very occasionally. A few weeks ago my kids had piano exam and that was when I snapped some shots while we were on the bridge.

I do freelance work from time to time. Not much. This month I was assigned to work on a 3-day job with an advertising agency building a promotion website. I was seated next to the window with a view of buildings and buildings and buildings… There was a gym in the next building and I had to stand up to see what’s going on inside… to my disappointment, there’s nothing interesting to see…

Sydney went through some gloomy days in last 1/2 of the month. The weather now yo-yo between hot and cold. I hope the kids do not get sick.


Instagram - Misc

Still addicted to 2048… I’ve been playing 4×4 since September. I was back playing 4×4 grid since I thought it games over soon. Not this time. I’m still on the same game! Let’s see what number I get to next month.

While I was cleaning up stuffs (an ongoing forever job!) I found some things written during my teenage / uni days. At the time I had a penpal from China who write poems and I was inspired to write something, except that my Chinese sucks. So I found ‘creativity’ by writing lyrics to existing songs. I don’t think I can write like that anymore.

Why I haven’t been updating…

Instagram - Camera

Ok, these photos weren’t from last month, but they made a point one of the many reasons why I haven’t been blogging much. I need photos!

My existing almost-as-old-as-Pretty-Girl digicam is still working, except that it always resets everytime I take the battery out to recharge. The pain of having to setup the camera again and again everytime the battery is put back…

The husband thinks I could just use the camera function and forget about setting it up. But I’m very fuzzy about having the correct timestamps. Maybe it’s a thing with computer programmers?

I’m still can’t decide what I want.

That was my October. How was yours?

3 thoughts on “Life in Pictures – October 2014

  1. Pinky Poinker Reply

    I like Revlon lipstick too but I use the Colourstay one in a colour similar to Fig Jam. It suits you. So are your children good at playing the piano? One of mine learned for a few years then gave it away and taught himself to play the guitar. My daughter learned for two years and gave it up. Unfortunately we don’t have a very musical family. I hope your kids are more diligent than mine!

    • prettymom Post authorReply

      @pinky, talking about colorstay, I still have the very original ones! They’re still usable and had not gone bad.
      The boy just did grade 8 exam and the girl just had grade 3. Their piano teacher says they’re talented, I don’t know if it’s true or she wants to keep her students >.>

  2. Pinky Poinker Reply

    Oh! And thank you for the tip on fingernails. Mine are terrible so I will definitely try the Vitamin E oil 🙂

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