Life in Pictures – November 2014

It’s December already?! The last month of the year! Where did time go?

I haven’t updated this blog much. I have quite a number of reviews waiting to be written and published, but there are always excuses.

I’m still somewhat active on Instagram. Follow me there to see what I’m up to! Here’s a summary of what I had been up to last month.


Oh yes, my lips again!


There are days I like natural lips with subtle colors.


There are also days I like bold lips. If they don’t look bold… it’s because of filters. 99% of us like filters because they make everything look good!

Do you prefer bold or subtle lip colors?



I didn’t do too much nail painting this month. I’m not going to use broken nails as excuse because I’ve already have other excuses!

I haven’t worn peachy colors on my nails for ages. In fact, not any colors light or close to skin tone because I believed they make my hand look old and dark. Probably I used the wrong color before (used to wear mom’s nail polish and the somehow formed the conclusion that any colors mom wears are for old ladies…) But I really like this color. Hopefully will post a review on the blog soon.



Didn’t take too many hair photos this month. Pretty girl is encouraged to do her own hair, which always ended up looking quite messy. And she usually does pony tail, so they’re not very ‘exciting’ to be Instagram-ed.

Most of our “twin moments” this month was doing side pony tail. She wears a hat to school so she could only wear something low. She gets extra happy when we both look the same.



I’m currently working on a contract job and you see more lunch photos lately. You can probably tell that I love Japanese food!

There was one day I had lunch with my colleagues at the pub. I’m not a fan of coke but I didn’t know what non-alcoholic drink to order at a pub and coke was the first that came to mind.

When I was young I was brainwashed that good girls don’t go to pub. And good girls do not drink alcohol. Guess who brainwashed me…

When I was working on my first job, I wouldn’t go to the pub with the men. For some reason I always work in places where girls are rare species. I didn’t tell them the real reason. I just told them I didn’t want to go because I don’t drink alcohol. They said you don’t have to drink alcohol. One day I decided to go with them to have lunch at a pub. It was the first time I stepped into a pub and it wasn’t anything like what I saw in Chinese drama. It was just like a restaurant.

Of course I’m no longer ‘a good girl’. I drink alcohol. Just not during the day and especially when I know I’m going back to work afterwards. I feel sleepy when I drink.



As usual, 2048. It keeps me entertained when I’m on my phone. I thought this was the best ever, but the boy said he could do better than that. Doh!

If you play World of Warcraft, the biggest “event” of the month was the release of a new expansion. I’m not particular thrilled because the server is always so full you have to wait in queue to get in. On one particular day, I wanted for almost 12 hours to finally get in, to find that the server was shutting down the moment I got in. So frustrated!! Luckily the situation is a lot better now.

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