Life in Pictures – July & August 2014

One thing I try to do returning from hiatus is to update at least once a week. I failed. There are a few drafts in the work but lacking photos.

I have no excuse since I have a little photography corner setup that takes care of ‘no sunlight’ days. Blame it on my insomnia. Blame it on my dry lips. Blame it on my bad skin…

Putting the excuses aside, I decided to compile some photos from my Instagram for the last 2 months. Feel free to follow me and stalk bits of my life. 🙂


You see lots of my lips on Instagram. It’s no secret that I love lipsticks. Since I don’t wear makeup much nowadays my lips becomes the only part I can show off.

Instagram - 201407, 201408

Instagram - 201407, 201408

Even pretty girl knows how much I love lipsticks she ‘gave’ me a lipstick in the birthday card she made for me. It’s a popup card too! Love this girl.


Instagram - 201407, 201408

I can play with pretty girl’s hair again now that her hair is getting longer. It’s still a bit challenging because it’s not long enough and I have to think of variations to make the hairstyle to work.

Some hair ideas come from YouTube channels, mostly Cute Girl Hairstyles, hair4myprincess, and Lilith Moon.


Instagram - 201407, 201408

There are 2 place I go to for breakfast regularly and you probably have seen it on my Instagram regularly. Shanghainese breakfast and HK style breakfast. I love Shanghainese breakfast because it’s so close to what I had when I was young. HK style breakfast reminds of the days when I was working in HK.

I like to cook breakfast sometimes too, when I didn’t sleep all night and might as well stay up and make my kids breakfast before they go to school. It probably sounds like I make a lot but what appears regularly are just pikelets and chinese egg pancake.

I’ve been thinking about sharing some of my cooking on the blog, but… (there’s a but) I don’t know how other bloggers do it but I find it difficult to cook and shoot at the same time. Trying to recruit the husband to be my photographer, but he’s not always available when I cook. One day, I’ll do it. One day.

Other Things

Instagram - 201407, 201408

Move over Candy Crush, I’m now addicted to 2048. It’s so frustrating stucking on the same level for months and I refuse to pay for boost. I like 5×5 grids and over because 4×4 grid game-over too soon. I spent last 2 months playing a 6×6 grid game. It was finally game over after 8 weeks.

I usually read e-novels from my phone, but I do borrow books from library from time to time. The ‘time to time’ usually refers to school holiday, when I take pretty girl to local library to borrow some books. We don’t do much during school holidays so reading is one of the best activities to kill time. Good thing she loves to read and she’s a little book worm.

2 thoughts on “Life in Pictures – July & August 2014

  1. Grace Reply

    Hi Coco, can you read Chinese too? Do you watch any of the Chinese shows? I am obsessed with the Voice China at the moment. Actually I am heading to Youtube after your blog to watch yesterday’s re-play.
    HK style breakfast is my favourite (I am originally from mainland China but love HK style food a lot). I love the fried donut thing so much. I grew up with it basically. You are lucky as many places offer great Asian breakfast in Sydney. Here in Adelaide we don’t have any Asian breakfast places to go to 🙁 Any recommendations for Sydney breakfast place?
    I am going to HK soon for holiday. I can’t wait to have all the food there. Sorry, I am getting a bit too excited about food here:)

    • prettymom Post authorReply

      Grace, yes I can read Chinese, maybe 90%. I watch 康熙來了regularly on youtube and some other programs if they’re suggested on the side. I watch Voice China sometimes. I used to watch TVB dramas but they’re mostly not that great and nowadays I just watch popular dramas if they’re available on youtube, like 步步驚心 and 蘭陵王.
      There aren’t many places I know that have Chinese breakfast, because I don’t go to lots of places. The only places I know are in Chinatown and Chatswood. They are not that great when compared to home countries but it’s better than nothing. I miss food in HK too! Enjoy your trip and eat all you can!

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