Life in Pictures – while in hiatus. My Style Edition

I’ve neglected this blog again.

The unexpected lengthy hiatus sort of started when I went back to work at the end of 2014. I suffered insomnia for quite sometime. Someone once mentioned that insomnia will fix itself once you go back to work. It’s true! Going to work forces me to sleep and wake up at ‘normal’ hours!

While I had every intention to update, I had millions of excuses not to. They all drill down to one thing – lazy! During this time I also became somewhat inactive online. Sort of stopped reading blogs and tweeting too. Instagram is the only social media that is updated more frequently. Hence I have material to restart posting again.

Let my first post after this lengthy hiatus start with something not beauty related.

I rarely touch the subject of fashion because my fashion style is rather boring.

Since going back to work I’ve instagramed from time to time of what I wore. Not that my fashion sense have become more interesting. It’s just seeing people instagramed their outfits and I feel like doing it too! So here are my style-less styles throughout the year.

instagram - my style 1603

I like dresses more but it’s hard to find something that fits me without alteration.  Don’t like the idea of having to pay extra to alter the dress to fit me, even if the item is on sale. The one I wore above was a gift from MIL, who also paid for alteration.

Hence jeans become my uniform. It’s not easy to choose something that fits me, but once I find something, I stick to them.

instagram - my style 1603

What I wore during cold winter months.

Do you notice something that I wear fairly frequently. It’s a jacket from Kathmandu. Had it for years. It probably doesn’t go with most of my outfits but it keeps me warm.

Have you also noticed change of hair style? I decided to cut my  fringes / bangs after having them long for quite a number of years.

I wear fringes most of my life. My attempts to grow them out were quite unsuccessful most times because I was told I look better in fringes. On very rare occasions when I finally managed to grow them out, they were immediately cut for the same reason.

I don’t know how I managed to keep them long for the last few years. And you know the cycle, when you finally grow them out, you want them back. I decided to have fringes last winter. But somehow responses I got was, I look better without fringes! >.< Is it because I’m getting older?

Needless to say, I’m growing them out. For some reason it’s easier to grow them out this time and it was painless.

instagram - my style 1603

What I wore as the days get warmer and hotter.


A few new stores opened locally. I’m more excited about UNIQLO and H&M because I spent a lot of time in these stores during my trip to HK last year. In fact all my family were crazy at UNIQLO and our luggage were mostly filled with items from this store!

I don’t do much fashion shopping in Australia for the past few years. Besides it’s hard to find something that fits me, the high price tags keep me away. For those that fall into affordable range the qualities aren’t that great. So my purchase (pictured above) from these 2 stores is considered my biggest fashion shopping in Australia in recent years. The price is reasonable and the quality is quite good. I can see myself visiting these stores more frequently from now on!

So I finally updated!

I hope I can keep it up. There are so many things I’ve been wanting to blog while in hiatus but somehow I wasn’t motivated. I will kick myself to do it again.

Anyway, I’ve done some background work on this blog. If you haven’t noticed, the archived site is now gone. Well, not entirely. I finally merged posts from archived site into this blog because maintaining 2 sites is a pain. I thought about ditching the archived site all together but it was 4 years worth of work! Now I have everything back in one place. Happy!

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  1. Cynthia Reply

    Hey welcome back to the blogging world. I missed you! I haven’t really blogged either as well. Every since I was pregnant with baby 2 I stopped blogging and now I’m back whenever I have time. My new blog is I started to shop more than on make ups and since I lost a lot of weight it’s a good excuse to shower myself too. =)

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