a wash of sheer shimmery purple


prettymom • 2010-10-27 • Comment (1)

silk naturals eyeshadow in faerie

silk naturals eyeshadow in faerie . a very pretty shimmery purple. it was gwp for order over $10 and the color is unavailable from the website.

the pic was taken under downlight. i’ll probably reupload a better pic when i get a chance to take pic under better day / sun light.

my latest order has different shades of purple / liliac / lavender and faerie is the perfect purple i’m after! i fell in love instantly.

i do hope silk naturals will bring this color to its permanent line, because i will definitely repurchase it once it’s used up!

a wash of sheer and shimmery purple on my lids

a single wash of the eyeshadow across the whole eye area.

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look of the flame


prettymom • 2010-10-25 • Comments (0)

silk naturals eyeshadow in flame

silk natural eyeshadow in flame. the color was described as vibrant red on the website. but it’s more of a dark red with pink tone.

i was looking for a red eyeshadow after seeing some online pics taken from some fashion shows. i can’t remember what it was. the models looked great wearing a really red color on their lids. i checked out a few online mineral makeup companies. either it’s too pricy or the shipping is too pricy. i think the price at silk naturals is quite reasonable. i was quite happy when i spotted this color.

yes, i read the review at the website that the color is not true red. but i chose it anyway.

the color of flame

wearing just flame on my eyes. it’s not really that red after much blending. but still look somewhat dramatic.

you know makeup in chinese opera? i was teased if i was going to be on the show… :/

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it’s all about pink this spring


prettymom • 2010-10-23 • Comments (0)

sydney finally has a warm spring day. actually, it gets a bit too warm this morning. it was quite hot. temp went up to 30°C. but it quickly dropped down by mid-afternoon when the sky was covered with grey clouds followed by rain…

my order from silk naturals

my order from silk naturals . 6 eyeshadows (2 of which are free), 2 lipsticks and a blush. i mainly wanted to order lavender tone eyeshadows because i don’t have a pretty color in this tone.

silk naturals eyeshadow in escape

silk naturals eyeshadow in escape . i chose this color because it looks purplish / lavender from the website. but it looks more on the pink side to me.

wearing escape

i don’t really mind that the color doesn’t look the same. it’s a pretty pink. doesn’t make me look like i cried.

i mainly used just a single color on my eyes today. it’s the best way to test out new eyeshadow colors. the downside is lack of dimension, but that takes too much time. i’m lazy and i don’t mind the lack of it :)

look of the day

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deep smokey lust with a bite


prettymom • 2010-10-21 • Comments (0)

it’s officially spring in sydney, but it’s still cold. not as cold as winter day. but it’s cold…

i’m dying to do some spring looks, but it doesn’t match most of my ‘cold’ outfits.

look of the day is more winter / fall look. i went a bit dramatic with the eyes, just because i feel like it :)

close up

close up look on eye of the day.

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