jeunesse luminesce essential body renewel


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are you contantly battling with dry skin? are you also trying to maintain your skin’s youthfulness?

i am. i have dry skin. the condition always gets worse at this time of the year when it gets cold and dry. 

today i’m going to review a product that not only claims to moisturize but also rejevenates your skin.

jeunesse essential body renewel

luminesce essential body renewel.

about the product:

Luminesce™ essential body renewal delivers the ultimate in deep hydration. This exclusive body lotion has been specially formulated with optimal ingredients under the expertise of world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Nathan Newman to help boost collagen formation, improve skin elasticity, and protect against the signs of premature ageing. Luminesce™ essential body renewal gently nourishes, restores, and softens all skin types, particularly in rough and dry areas, without clogging your pores.

Luminesce™ essential body renewal uses a powerful phospholipid delivery system to penetrate and replenish your thirsty skin by locking in moisture and stimulating cellular renewal. This luxurious lightweight formula contains potent antioxidant-containing botanicals to help protect your cells and encourage your body’s natural processes to produce more proteins like collagen and elastin. Luminesce™ essential body renewal provides instant and  xceptionally long-lasting dry skin relief to men and women, revealing a healthy, ultra-radiant complexion, all day, every day.

more information about the technology used in luminesce products, check out this video.

jeunesse essential body renewel

the product comes in a elgant sleek grey tube. it has a flat metal cap on the other and this is where i’m bringing your attention to. see the hole on the cap? that’s where product is dispensed. you do not twist open the cap to get the product. what a clever design! if you often clumsily drop caps when using products, you’ll love this design.

jeunesse essential body renewel

the consistency of the lotion is light weight and thinner than most lotions that are marketed for dry skin and delivers deep hydration.

it spreads easily and instantly relieves the discomfort of dry skin – the tightness and itchiness. skin feels nourished and refreshed and softer too! i love that you don’t feel like carrying extra weight on your skin like most thicker creamier lotion do.

in addition, it’s light fragrance is lovely and soothing. it disappears soon after application. i wish this fragrance could stay longer!

if you have normal to dry skin, this satisfies your thirsty skin.

if you have serious dry skin problem that’s as dry as sahara dessert, you’ll probably be disappointed that the hydration isn’t long lasting. on my very dry skin, all the goodness i felt on application starts to disappear and discomfort starts to emerge around 2 to 3 hours later. but, this is a common problem i face especially at this time of the year. to date i’ve yet found anything that satisfies my winter skin and provided the desired long lasting, ie all day, effect.

i think this might work better for me if it’s used during the summer months.

the 150ml tube lasted me around 2.5 weeks. with re-applications to my arms and legs from time to time. however i find that skin felt best when it’s applied immediately after shower with patted 95% dry skin.

as with the produce’s claim to repair and protect against premature aging, with less than 3 weeks usage it’s hard to detect any visible improvements. you probably need continual use to see the benefits.

jeunesse essential body renewel

luminesce essential body renewel retails at aud$48.35. for stockist information please visit or call (02) 8007 3116.

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when my face had allergic reaction

Skin Care

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this was what i instagramed a few weeks ago.

i had reaction to something. no, i don’t know what it is yet. i’ve used a lot of things on my face in recent years and i’ve never had any allergic reaction. i always thought i have the toughest skin and it was quite a shock to see my face like this.

i did have 1 new thing added to my skin care routine, however i’ve used it for 3 days without any problems. i didn’t do allergy test, because, as said, i have the toughest skin. besides, i’d think if anything causing any reactions, it should happen immediately or within 24 hours.

i didn’t do photo diary of my allergic skin, since i didn’t think i’d be blogging about that. besides it was quite traumatized looking at my face.

what you see was the only photo taken via the phone cam. it didn’t look that bad but my face was fire red.

a brief note of what happened.

day 1: i noticed tingly sensation when i applied my normal skin care. it’s very mild. i ignored it. later the day, there was slight itchiness. i also noticed slight redness. i thought these were due to my skin being really dry. i just applied more moisturizer.

day 2: the skin was more red. i continued to think it’s my dry skin. the tingly sensation was more serious than the day before when i applied my normal creams. hmmm… something could be wrong. my skin was starting to feel like sand paper. but i still contribute all these to my dry skin. i started to worry when the husband came home that evening and commented how red my face was.

day 3: skin was quite red and angrily itchy. anything put on my face felt like burning. i couldn’t use anything i normally used! it started to have some white heads here and there.

i went to see my doctor on day 3. when he saw me, his first reaction was, ‘wow, your face!’ must be really bad huh?!

i was advised to take either polaramine or telfast, and prescribed a medicated cream to use until the redness and itchiness are gone.

i was asked to stop using everything i’ve been using. i asked what cream should i use, because my skin was so dry and so tight it was so uncomfortable. he advised to use aveeno baby cream, and showed me a photo of what it looks like. he added, ‘it’s very good for baby’s butt.’ was the doctor comparing my face to baby’s butt? /sigh

i went to my local chemist to get the cream. the wash was next to it and i thought i might as well try it.

both of these products are really mild and fragrance free. perfect baby products. they were aud$9.95 each.

aveeno baby soothing relief moisture cream is said to contain active naturals colloidal otmeat that hleps to moisturize and relieve dry skin. it felt very nice and smooth on the skin. it’s well aborbed into the skin without leaving any residues.

however didn’t help to moisturize nor to releive the discomfort of dry skin. perhaps my skin was too dry. i had to reapply almost every hour but it didn’t help too much keeping my skin well hydrated.

aveeno baby soothing relief creamy wash also contain the same ingredients. i use this as facial cleanser and i love it! it’s very gentle and soothing. my face feels so clean and doesn’t feel dry nor tight after cleansing.

the road to recovery

the redness and itchiness have gone after 1 day.

week 1: for the whole week, these were the only things used on my face.

as said, the aveeno moisture cream didn’t do much to my dry skin. i lived with the discomfort of dry skin. not to mention all the wrinkles started to emerge all over the places! waving goodbye to all those hard works of using anti-aging products. :'( i didn’t use anything else because i wanted to slowly adding things back to see what could have caused the reaction.

my skin was still quite rough.

week 2: i added coconut oil. i decided this was the first thing to be introduced back to my routine because it’s natural and it helps to sooth sensitive skin.

i whipped a small jar of coconut oil. just coconut oil. nothing else.

i started to apply this to 1/2 of my face for 3 days. just in case. it really helps to relieve the discomfort of dry skin. the face felt greasy initially but felt refreshed after about 10-15 minutes after it’s aborbed into the skin. it’s applied 4x a day and i do notice that 1/2 of the face with coconut oil applied looked less dull and had less lines!

after it’s confirmed it’s not causing any problems, i started to apply it to my full face for the rest of the week. oh… how comfortable my skin felt!

week 3: this is the 3rd week and my skin has improved, but it’s still quite rough. it’s not like sand paper as when it first happened but it’s not smooth.

i’m adding what i normally used 1 by 1 on weekly basis. of course i’ll also be testing the suspicious new product. maybe it’s something i used. maybe it’s external factor.

i can’t wait to have my normal face back!

have you had allergic reactions and how do you deal with it?

so minimal look with 3 items


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it’s been a while i’ve posted makeup looks. the excuse? my face had allergic reaction to something and i can’t wear makeup. and my excuse prior to the reaction? the fotds turns out bad.

today i wore a true minimal look with very minimal products. trying to keep my face makeup free since it’s still not in best condition (ie so rough!) to slap on foundation. i used the essentials – the brows and the lips. concealers should also be considered essentials i’m avoiding them for the timebeing.

the 3 items for minimal look

here are the 3 products used:

  • l’oreal brow pencil – this is old. probably the first generation when it was first launched in australia about 10 years ago. this is quite light because it’s meant for blondes.
  • red earth lip pencil in cocao – another oldie. the color is plummish. line and filled the lips prior to lipstick application.
  • arbonne lipstick in scarlet *

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arbonne eyeliner in toffee


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arbonne eyeliner in toffee

arbonne eyeliner in toffee is another product i received recently for review.

about the product:

With a new and improved long lasting formula with Vitamins C and E, Arbonne’s Eye Liner is the ideal way to accentuate eyes with colour that stays. Each creamy Eye Liner glides on effortlessly for flawless definition.

arbonne eyeliner in toffee

this is a retractable eyeliner. just twist and get the lead out.

arbonne eyeliner in toffee - sharpener

there’s sharpener on the other end to sharpen the lead for more precise application.

arbonne eyeliner in toffee - swatch

toffee is light brown. i have too many dark color eyeliners i wanted to try how light brown looks on me. it’ was a bad choice of color because it’s too light for me. you could probably see it if you’re close enough but it’s very subtle. this color probably suits blondes or those with very very pale skin.

it’s lighter when applied on the eyes than the above swatch.

the texture is quite creamy and glides on smoothly. it’s also very gentle on the waterline. love that it deposits color nicely without dragging skin around the eyes.

arbonne eyeliner in toffee - on the brows

i find that toffee is a nice brow color. it appears darker on the brows than on the eyes.

while it’s hard to detect if it smudges when used as eyeliner, since the color is quite subtle on my eyes, it stays very well on my brows and lasts all day.

i have to stress that it lasts all day on the brows because i often need to touch up my brows. i have problem with brow colors fading especially my right brow. i parted my hair sideway and i believe it’s the hair that sweeps on my face also sweeps the color away. when used arbonne eyeliner on the brow, there was no fading problem!

arbonne eyeliner is available in 6 wearable shades and can be purchased from independent consultants or from the website for aud$33.

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mitoq power antioxidant rejevenation review

Skin Care

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this is a long overdue post that’s been buried in the draft. i’ve been waiting for information from pr to complete this post however it never ended up in my inbox. eventually it got buried amongst other drafts and was forgotten.

a while ago i was contacted to see if i was interested to try a revolutionary anti-aging product. it promises to give you younger looking skin with reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine line. it also promises to brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of pigmentation and sunspots.

of course i’m interested. who doesn’t want to look younger? who doesn’t want to have perfect complexion? and of course i was very curious how can something applied topically deliver such promises without any invasive procedures.

introducing mitoq cream.

what is it? taken from the website:

MitoQ is a patented and revolutionary breakthrough in CoQ delivery science. MitoQ restores and enhances your natural antioxidant defense system and is scientifically proven to deliver CoQ to cellular mitochondria at 1000 times the concentration of other CoQ formulations. MitoQ has a rejuvenative effect on skin cells leading to younger looking skin with youthful levels of collagen and elastin within 30 days. MitoQ has been formulated in a zero irritant hypoallergenic base suitable for all skin types. Simply add MitoQ into your beauty regime or use it as your moisturiser. Apply MitoQ twice daily to your face, neck, decolletage, back of hands for younger looking and more radiant skin. One 50ml bottle lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

sounds quite promising, doesn’t it?

the texture is quite creamy and light. it appears yellow but is cleared when applied. it’s quickly absorbed into the skin which gives a smooth finish. it has very faint scent that’s barely noticiable and is gone when applied.

the cream is dispensed through the pump, which is a plus from hygenic point of view. i use 1.5 pump to cover my face and the neck.

user experience

for my dry skin, i have to use it with moisturizer. it works well with various moisturizers i use regularly.

instruction says to use it morning and night. because of the price tag, i want to see if it works if only used at night. to extend the usage lifetime.

i noticed visible improvements to my skin in about 2 weeks. it’s in general hard to notice much difference when you see yourself in the mirror everyday. i was really impressed when i could see visible improvements. skin is more radiant and refreshed. it looks plumper and hence reduce the appearance of fine lines. which equates to looking younger.

i can’t say much about reduction in pigmentation as i don’t have this problem.

if it works when used just nightly, imagine how quickly my skin improved if instruction was followed.

condition of my skin has never been so good during the 4-months (the bottle lasted that long!) period it was incorporated into my skin care routine. (if you remember me tweeting how happy i was with my skin a few months ago.)

to keep your skin in top condition requires continual use. once stopped, the skin slowly returns to its normal state.

the only negative point for mitoq is the expensive price tag, which is not so affordable for those who are on a tight budget. if you can afford it, it’s worthwhile to try if you’re concerned about wrinkles and pigmentation. this is one rare anti-aging product that works and delivers its promises.

mitoq can be purchased from the website for usd$185 and the site currently offers free worldwide shipping.

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