Aldi Lacura Revive Anti-Ageing Serums

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prettymom • 2014-07-01 • Comments (8)

Serum in any skin care line usually comes with expensive price tags and is usually one of the most expensive item in the line. And if it belongs to an anti-ageing line, it’s even pricier. For this reason I don’t often incorporate serums into my skin care routine.

Aldi is know to sell budget friendly products so when I saw these serums on the shelf I had to try them. I can’t remember the exact price. These were purchased around Oct last year and I believe they’re in AUD$10 – $12 range.

Lacura Skin Science Revive Serums

Lacura Revive Night Elixir and Hyaluronic Gel.

Night Elixir

Lacura Skin Science Revive Night Elixir

Taken from back of the package:

Inspired by methods from dermatological practice, the highly effective Lacura Night Elixir is based on innovative and powerful ingredients helps improve skin renewel.

The formula which contains the exclusive Peel-Moist-Complex removes dead skin cells during the night and in doing so helps renew the skin’s surface. AFter use the skin looks fresher, smoother and more radiant.

The light anti-ageing formula contains a MIMOX Double Effective complex and an innovative antioxidant Vine Extract from the shoots of young vines. The highly effective gel helps boost cell renewel, smooths skin and reuces the appearance of wrinkles.

Lacura Skin Science Revive Night Elixir

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natural look with giza and radical


prettymom • 2013-11-24 • Comments (2)

it’s been quite a long while since i’ve posted any looks because my looks have been the same most times. i haven’t been in the mood to do anything adventurous nor exciting.

this is one of the many natural looks, using new loots i bought myself for my birthday from one of my favorite online store, black rose minerals. i’m trying to cut down buying makeup and this was the only indie makeup purchase so far this year. (need a pat for the good work!)

eotd with black rose minerals giza

wearing black rose minerals eyeshadow in giza on my eyes. it’s a nice matte tan color that gives a my-lid-but-better look.

products used on the eyes:

  • etude house proof 10 primer
  • l’oreal color riche le sourcil brow pencil in deep brown *
  • black rose minerals eyeshadow in giza – all over the lids and outer 1/3 of lower lids
  • l’oreal telescopic mascara *

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schwarzkopf brilliance luminance L43 smouldering red


prettymom • 2013-10-18 • Comments (0)

i’m now a red head. well, sort of. it’s more like 1/2 red headed. my hair is long and 1 box isn’t enough to cover all of my hair. so i concentrated coloring the top 1/2 of my head.

schwarzkopf brilliance luminance intense permanent color L43 smouldering red

this time, i used schwarzkopf brilliance luminance intense permanent color L43 smouldering red. it normally retails at aud$14.99. i bought it from chemist warehouse a few weeks ago when it was marked down to aud$9.95.

schwarzkopf brilliance luminance intense permanent color L43 smouldering red

besides the price factor, what attracted me was “intense vibrant colors on dark hair”. most colors don’t show up as shown on the box on my dark hair without bleaching.

schwarzkopf brilliance luminance intense permanent color L43 smouldering red

like most at colors, it comes with detail instruction leaflet, glove, developer, color and conditioner. you add the color into the developer, shake shake shake and use it.

the tip of the developer bottle can be screwed off. which is a plus for me. i hate looking for scissors to snip it off.

the conditioner is really very moisturizing and makes my hair really soft.i can’t recall the smell. maybe it’s a good thing, because if it’s bad, i’ll remember.

i’m somewhat disappointed with the plastic gloves it comes with. with this packaging, i expect better quality and better fit. it’s like a plastic bag that’s too big for my hands. my fingers weren’t very flexible and felt robotic. i ended up using disposable gloves.

schwarzkopf brilliance luminance intense permanent color L43 smouldering red

the color expectation based on your hair color. i do have my hopes high when i see it’s still red on dark brown hair.

my number 1 conern with hair coloring is covering greys. it was i took photos i read the print that says “this shade is not suitable for grey hair…”. i’m not sure if it means it won’t cover any greys or certain percentage of greys.

the result

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skinfood good afternoon honey black tea bb cream


prettymom • 2013-10-10 • Comments (0)

skinfood honey black tea bb cream

earlier this year i decided to try more korean bb creams (since i’ve only tried 2 korean brands due to limited access in australia). after browsing ebay i decided to get skinfood good afternoon range because it’s budget friendly. there are quite a few products in the range to suit different needs. after doing some research i decided either honey black tea or berry berry tea.

most korean ebay sellers offers free gifts (usually samples). i ended up with honey black tea because it’s cheapest in the list and the seller also sells a concealer i wanted to try, which was also cheapest in the list. this seller didn’t have berry berry tea in stock at the time.

at the time of purchase, this bb cream was usd$7.70. free shipping. the seller has since increased price across a range of products in the store.

skinfood honey black tea bb cream

the product is packaged in environment-friendly cardboard box.

skinfood honey black tea bb cream

product information at the back of the package. “helps maintain bright morning skin throughout the day” sounds promising. everyone love their making still looking like they were just applied by the end of the day.

skinfood honey black tea bb cream - swatch

all bb creams in the good afternoon range comes in 2 colors. i had a feeling that i’m in-between. i chose light beige which is the lighter shade, because i like paler complexion. this looks too light for me during summer months but is perfect during winter.

the consistency is quite light compared to the 2 other korean bb creams. the coverage is light to medium. it has more cover coverage than most western bb creams but lighter than korean bb creams i’ve tried. it’s good enough but doesn’t fully cover blemishes.

the scent is light and refreshing.

since honey black tea bb cream is described as ‘moisturizing and glowing’, i expect dewy finish. it’s not moisturizing enough for my dry skin and there’s no dewiness nor glow to my skin. it’s just… normal. even though i have dry skin, my skin will shine after 4 hours. and that’s when the product gradually slips away from my skin. if you need to wear this all day, you probably need to set with good powder and touch up during the day.

i’d say this is more suitable for those with normal to dry skin and is great when you have good skin day.

as stated above, the color is perfect for me in winter months but it doesn’t agree with my dry skin during winter months.

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jeunesse luminesce advanced night repair

Skin Care

prettymom • 2013-09-16 • Comments (0)

jeunesse luminesce advanced night repair

luminesce advanced night repair is a night cream that promised to work while you sleep.

about the product:

Luminesce™ advanced night repair combines the latest in patented technology to correct the environmental damage of the past and fortify your skin for the future. It supports natural selfrejuvenation mechanisms during the night to reduce the signs of ageing from the effects of harmful agents, leaving your skin renewed and rejuvenated. Luminesce™ advanced night repair provides maximum hydration, restores moisture, and diminishes the signs of time on your skin.

Luminesce™ advanced night repair Benefits:

  • Increases skin firmness and elasticity 
  • Contains powerful vitamins and antioxidants to help protect your cell membranes from free radical attack
  • Absorbs quickly into your skin 
  • Contains rejuvenation factors that gently replenish your skin’s natural levels of proteins like collagen and elastin 
  • Helps protect your skin against the abuse of the elements
  • Helps delay the physical signs of ageing by protecting, rejuvenating, and regenerating your skin cells

sounds exactly what i need. let’s see if it delivers its promises.

jeunesse luminesce advanced night repair

the texture of the product is like soft fluffy gel.

the product is packaged in a jar. don’t worry about hygiene as it comes with a spatula. unfortunately i can’t show you what it looks like as i forgot to take closeup shot and it’s now ‘misplaced’. thankfully i have backups and i don’t have to dip my fingers into the product.

jeunesse luminesce advanced night repair

the consistency is very light-weight and thin. not the consistency you’d expect from something that promises intensive hydration to your skin.

however, this baby is amazing! it spreads so smoothly and evenly. only very small amount (about pea size) is required to cover the face and the neck.

unlike most heavy duty moisturizer which you could still feel something still hanging onto your skin, this is weightless! it’s fully absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave any residue, leaving skin feeling refreshed and nourished at the same time.

user experience

it instantly relieve the discomfort of dry skin on application.

it also smells lovely. the fragrance is slightly on the heavier side but it’s very pleasing and soothing, and is gone shortly after application.

my skin was very very dry and dehydrated when i started using this product. so dry it was like a sponge that absorbed anything put on it. i needed double the amount to relieve my dry skin. sometimes re-application was required in the middle of the night.

it took about 2 weeks for the skin to be just ‘normal dry’. from then on, i could use pea sized amount nightly and that was sufficient to keep my skin hydrated all night.

there were also more than just fine lines developed when it was dry. i noticed that the lines became fine lines in about 2 weeks and they were less noticeable in about 3 weeks, unless i’m kissing my mirror. when you see yourself everyday it’s often hard to notice any difference. when you do notice the difference, that’s a major visible improvement!

i believe if my skin wasn’t so dry to begin with results could be visible in shorter timeframe.

now that i’ve been using the product religiously every night for 5 weeks, while my skin is still dry, the condition has improved immensely and it appears healthier and more radiant than its previous state. skin is well hydrated and plumper with less fine lines.

with my age i don’t expect to return to normal skin. i’m very pleased with the result so far without needles nor going under the knife.

it’s suggested to use the entire line of luminesce products to gain maximum benefit. i’m only using the night cream from the line and seeing results. imagine the improvement i get if i’m using the whole line!

the only downside is the expensive price tag. if you can afford it, this is worthwhile to get as it’s one rare effective anti-aging product that delivers its promises.

luminesce advanced night repair retails at aud$79.15. for stockist information please visit or call (02) 8007 3116.

product was sent for consideration.