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prettymom • 2011-08-23 • Comments (2)

eotd - brm eyeshadow in gargle blaster and mechanize

wearing black rose minerals eyeshadows in gargle blaster at innter 1/2 of the eyes and mechanize at outer 1/2 of the eyes and blend in between.

winged eyeliner with brown from pf gel cream liner for brown eyes set and coated lashes with maybelline colossal mascara <– it’s near the end of its lifetime :(

i also used evil shades spectrum pot in vitrum (white) was used as base after primer and prior to applying eyeshadows. i still haven’t grasped how to use it nor apply this as a base. will do a review post after playing more with it.

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my 40% off sale order from black rose minerals


prettymom • 2011-08-22 • Comments (5)

about a month or so before my birthday, the husband told me to buy some makeups for myself. i felt so guilty about buying so much makeup online this year. the husband made me feel guilt free!

i made 3 separate purchases as a birthday gift for myself.

my black rose mineral order!

birthday order #1, from black rose minerals. the eyeshadows are nicely wrapped with a nice message!

black rose minerals 40% off special order

they came with a handwritten note as usual. it adds some personal touch to my order.

this was ordered at the end of july when it was having 40% off sale on full size jars.

i was planning on taking a break from brm, since i own so many eyeshadows already. i have a shortlist of other indies to try. but i couldn’t resist such offer. the eyeshadows are normally usd$6 each. with 40% off, it’s a very good deal! i went back to my wishlist and ordered more colors. others can wait.

as usual, the shipping time is excellent. it takes less than 2 weeks to come to australia.

the jar and the packaging

the jars are shrink wrapped and name of the color nice and clear on top of the lid. after buying from a few indies, i find that having nice and clear big prints of the name of the eyeshadow is a plus. i can easily find what i want.

here are the colors from this order.

black rose mineral eyeshadows in fawndled, shrooms and mechanize

black rose minerals eyeshadow in fawndled, shrooms and mechanize. nice and ‘safe’ earthy tones. mechanize was something i set my eyes on. rosa included a sample from a previous order. trying out the sample confirmed that it’s a color i must have!

black rose mineral eyeshadows in fawndled, shrooms and mechanize - bottom of jar

color viewed from bottom of the jar.

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evil shades deviant lipstick in stiletto


prettymom • 2011-08-20 • Comments (3)

evil shades lipstick in stiletto

evil shades divant lipstick in stiletto. usd$4.25. it comes in a sleek slim black tube.

this is part of order #2 for my birthday. there’ll be a post about this order soon.

evil shades lipstick in stiletto - the color

close up view of the color. it’s described as ‘bright fuchsia pink with blue undertone’.

evil shades lipstick in stiletto - color swatch

color swatched at the back of my hand.

the review

this is the first time i bought a lipstick from evil shades.

this is like very pigmented lip balm. it’s moisturizing and smooth. i usually need a lip balm before applying lipstick in this cold dry winter day. i don’t need a lip balm underneath this lipstick.

(update 23/8/11: just a week after using it, the ‘lip balm’ property is gone…  will upate soon…)

(update 5/9/11: find out why. the part that’s exposed to air gets dry. do not twist too much product out and twist it back!)

i like that it comes in a slim tube. i can fit more lippies in my lipstick case.

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some random eotd with black rose minerals eyeshadows


prettymom • 2011-08-19 • Comments (0)

here are some eotd’s i did for the last 2-3 weeks. they didn’t make it into a regular post mostly because the photos didn’t look that great. so i’m making them into a collective post.

black rose minerals eyeshadows were used in all of them. since these weren’t done today and i don’t have the best memory, i hope i get the colors right.

eotd with brm eyeshadows

shroom was used at inner 2/3 of the eyes and minky (or inset?) was used at outer corner of the eyes.

eotd with brm eyeshadows

hocus pocus was applied all over the eyes with candy floss dotting the inner corner of the eyes.

eotd with brm eyeshadows

another pink look. i can’t really remember what was used. maybe it’s hocus pocus applied lightly or it’s the brain.

eotd with brm eyeshadows

fawndled on the top 2/3 of the lid. hocus pocus at outer v and lower lashline.

can you tell i’m in love with hocus pocus? i used to steer away from hot pinks.

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