July 2014 Empties


prettymom • 2014-08-01 • Comments (2)

july empties

I don’t think I’ve ever done Empties posts. I usually throw things away as soon as they’re finished and it feels like I’m collecting junks as I’m already collecting quite a lot of half-used products, not knowing when I’ll ever use them again. Since I’m in tight-ass mode, I decided I should try to finish whatever I can and document my accomplishment.

Priceline Beauty Essentials Nail Polish Remover Conditioning

The conditioning formula means it’s quite gentle to the flesh around the nail, but requires extra work to remove nail polish. At around A$3.50 I would consider repurchase. It’s good when I’m doing consecutive nail swatches, which means I’m constantly removing nail polish in one-go and this isn’t too harsh to my cuticles.

Garnier Clean Sensitive Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

This is the nth bottle I went through, however it was the longest this time since I rarely wear makeup nowadays. Does a good job removing makeup and love that it doesn’t sting my eyes when removing makeup from waterlines. The only downside is removing waterproof mascara, but I also rarely wear mascaras so I can live with it.

Goat Moisturising Wash

I got interested in products with Goat Milk formula ever since reviewing Billie Goat product more than a year ago. Goat is a more affordable range. This doesn’t feel soapy and feels more like applying moisturizer on my skin. It’s great for both the body and the face. My super dry skin loves it! The only pain is getting the last bit out. This is my 3rd bottle and will definitely repurchase.

Aldi Lacura Multi Intensive Serum

This is one of the neglected half-used items that was left untouched because it’s hard to pump the last bits out. I scooped out the rest with the pump and can finally retire it. Given its cheap price this isn’t a bad serum. It doesn’t give me the ‘Wow!’ factor but it does a good job keeping moisturizer last longer.

Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum

This was originally sent as PR sample for review and I love how it soothes my dry skin! I bought the 2nd bottle at Chemist Warehouse when it was discounted to A$15 sometimes last year. If you remember my skin decided to get allergy for some unknown reason and it was put aside. It was re-discovered from the half-used bin and it has been a savior for my dry skin so far this winter. My dry skin misses it so much after its last drop and I’m waiting for the next big discount.

Priceline Re-Balance Cleansing Wipes

The cloth wipes does quite a good job removing makeup, however, although it’s ‘vitamin enriched moisturising complex’, it makes my skin feels quite dry and tight afterwards. The rest was used to remove swatches from my arms and hands, which does quite a good job. I haven’t seen these at Pricelines anymore so either it’s out of stock or it’s discontinued. Would probably repurchase for the purpose of cleaning up swatch if I see them again.

Essence LE Dark Romance Lipstick in 01 Red Romance


prettymom • 2014-07-29 • Comments (2)

Essence LE Dark Romance Lipstick in 01 Red Romance

Essence recently released a collection called “Dark Romance“. Everything in this collection looks very attractive, especially the matte nail polishes. I tried very hard to limit myself to get only 1 item from this collection.

Essence LE Dark Romance Lipstick in 01 Red Romance

There are 2 red lipsticks from this collection, choice of either dark or light red lipstick. There weren’t any testers for the limited edition so I chose the color based on the bottom label.

Essence LE Dark Romance Lipstick in 01 Red Romance

The light red appears too orangy. I chose the darker red, which appears more red and which is something I preferred. The bullet itself looks exactly the kind of dark red I want.

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eBay Eyebrow Pencils


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Although I already have quite a number of brow pencils, when I saw these turned up on eBay for 99c each, I thought I must try them. Then as I browsed through the list, there was a even better bargain, 4 for USD$2.35! They went straight into my shopping cart.

ebay long brow pencil

These pencils are quite long, 18cm.

ebay long brow pencil

There are quite a number of colors, depends on listing. The particular listing I purchased include black, dark brown, light brown and gray.

As you can see, 1 of them is extensively used. My camera battery went dead and I couldn’t wait for the new battery to arrive.

ebay long brow pencil

The caps fits perfectly. I have to mention this because there are pencils that comes with loose caps that fall off easily, and hence useless.

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Ombre Hair Attempt with L’Oreal Paris Preference Wild Ombres No 2


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I’ve always wanted to try the ombre hair look. Too stingy to spend money to have it done professionally, I’ve had several failed attempts with DIY hair colors from various brands. I have dark hair and I probably need to bleach my hair for the color to show up. But I don’t want to bleach my hair – blame it on horrible stories I read that hair could ‘melt’ through the process.

L'Oreal Paris Preference Wild Ombres No 2

Will the Wild Ombres Collection created specifically for the purpose of creating ombre hair at home work for me?

I’ve seen this marketed under the Feria range overseas. But it’s under Perference range in Australia.

This normally RRP at A$19.95. As a smart consumer (a better term for tight-ass) I will never buy it full price as stores like Priceline and Chemist Warehouse will sell them at discounted price regularly. I bought it from Chemist Warehouse when it was discounted to A$10.

L'Oreal Paris Preference Wild Ombres No 2

It contains mostly the some content in home coloring kits. It also contains extra products like “lightening powder”, which I thought could be bleach but it doesn’t smell like one. It’s to be added to the developer with the color.

If I remember correctly, Preference hair color kit include essential oil which is added to the developer to take away the ammonia smell. This kit doesn’t include one and you have to put up with awful smell while applying.

L'Oreal Paris Preference Wild Ombres No 2 - brush

The brush is another additional accessory included with the kit. The hair color is added directly on the brush and then brush the color onto the hair. The tip is to start brushing between hair and chin no matter how long your hair is.

The Result

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Bobbi Brown BB Cream


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So far I’ve only tried non-Asian BB creams from low-end brands and most of them are more like tinted moisturizer than BB creams. While almost every high end brands are releasing their versions of BB creams, I’ve never tried them due to the price factor. Besides everything are more expensive when they come to Australia, I am on a tight spending budget.

My wonderful friend sent me a package sometimes last year. I was at one of my personal low points at the time and having new toys to play with cheered me up (thank you so much!) I was even more excited when I saw Bobbi Brown BB cream among the loots. I’ve had great experience with Bobbi Brown base makeups and had been keen to try the BB cream since it was released.

Bobbi Brown BB Cream

I simply adore Bobbi Brown’s signature simple yet sleek black package. I love the flat top cap which means I can let it stand on my makeup shelf.

The product comes in tube form which dispenses the exact amount I want.

Bobbi Brown BB Cream

Bobbi Brown BB Cream isn’t like typical Asian BB creams, but is thicker in consistency than tinted moisturizer and most non-Asian BB creams. It’s more like sheer foundation. The coverage is light and is buildable to medium-light.

The color I have is Fair which is my perfect match and blends flawlessly into my skin. It’s quite creamy if you consider it a sheer foundation, yet very lightweight. It’s perfect for hot summer days if you hate the feeling of wearing a layer of mask on your face.

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