anti-depressing greenie


prettymom • 2011-11-21 • Comments (4)

october is breast cancer awareness month. it is also depression awareness month. green is the color of depression awareness and there were a few beauty blogs doing green fotd’s. it’s another look i didn’t get the chance to do. the usual excuses…

bright green eotd

i did a bright green look today.

i don’t do a lot of green looks. comparatively, i don’t have many green eyeshadows.

bright green eotd

black rose minerals eyeshadow in gremlin all over lid and noella beauty works eyeshadow in banana blend out the edges.

i didn’t have time to line my eyes. just coated my lashes with maybellines the falsies mascara.

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morgana cryptoria lipstick in azalea blue


prettymom • 2011-11-20 • Comments (6)

morgana cryptoria lipstick in azalea blue

morgana cryptoria lipstick in azalea blue. one of my recent order from the website for usd$12.

it was one of the colors in my wish list. it was out of stock with my first order. i had to order it when my spending quota was reset last month.

btw, is it normal a lipstick ‘sweats’ on hot days?

morgana cryptoria lipstick in azalea blue

the bottom label.

morgana cryptoria lipstick in azalea blue - swatches

single swipe on the left and 2 swipes on the right. not much difference. it’s so pigmented. you get enough color with just a single swipe!

the color is described as ‘bright pink with intense blue sheen’. i’m pretty much ‘colorblind’ with describing color to such detail. to me, it’s basically kind of fuschia.

morgana cryptoria lipstick in azalea blue - lips

single coat of color on my lips, even out with lip brush. hmmm… i wonder if my lips will be stalked? ;p

my thoughts

i love love love this color! i used to stay away from fuschia. it’s only after trying out evil shade’s stiletto that i braved into the fuschia zone. of course this is a different kind of fuschia. that’s all i can tell you.

the color is so pigmented and the staying power is quite good. i didn’t need to touch up my lips after a light meal. the color only faded slightly.

after swatching at the back of my hand, i couldn’t remove the color with tissue alone. there was some faint color left after washing out with soap and was finally completely removed after a few hand washes.

this lipstick is scentless. a huge plus.

the only minor issue i have is the sweats from the bullet. just doesn’t look that great. otherwise, it doesn’t seem to affect the color and the texture.

in action

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revisiting flashback silver


prettymom • 2011-11-16 • Comments (0)

this is a follow up review of l’oreal infallable eyeshadow in flashback silver. since there are so many favorable reviews out there, i decided to try it a few more times.

the original review was based on my bare lids. no primer. it creased in 2 hrs.

l'oreal flashback silver eotd

one of my tests, wearing l’oreal infallable eyeshadow in flashback silver with tfsi as primer. this lasted the longest on me. the eye makeup still look fresh after 10 long hours!

i tried it again on my bare lids. tried to pad on color with minimal blending. creased in around 2 hours.

tried it with primers like udpp, evilprimer and de leon’s primer, they lasted longer, around 6 to 8 hours.

the claim that it ‘lasts for up to 24 hrs’… in my dream. it’s just like all other eyeshadows to my crease prone eyes. it needs primers to stay where it is.

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the blogaversary giveaway winner


prettymom • 2011-11-15 • Comments (2)

i did say it was a surprise.

here’s the winner of my 2nd blogaversary giveaway, drawn via

the winner has been contacted. another winner will be drawn if i have not heard from the winner in 2 days.

thanks to those who have entered. it was an experiment to see if people would notice the giveaway if it’s not promoted as one. thank you for going through that wall of text.