going more red and more matte


prettymom • 2010-03-27 • Comments (2)

in my previous post i talked about red eyeliner. in this post i’m going to talk about red lipsticks, my favorite lipcolor!

i read quite a few people, including some celibrities and some youtube gurus, mentioned how they’re not used to dark strong lips. i find it unusual because i thought everyone started wearing lipsticks as makeups. at least that’s what most friends and i did. we didn’t wear full face makeup but we always had strong lips.

remember sometimes in the 90’s where really dark or almost black lips was the look? i walked around looking like i was intoxicated…

revlon matte lipstick has been out for a few months. it was spring / summer when i spotted them and thought the colors were too autumn / winter, which is the season at other parts of the world.  in addition i wasn’t too into matte color as i was 10+ years ago. i still remember how drying they used to be. now that we’re into autumn / winter season, it caught my eyes again. especially it has pretty reds.

revlon matte lipstick red swatch

the 3 red colors in the collection that caught my eyes. fabulous fig – a brownish red. in the red – red with slight brown tone. really red – a very bright red.

they retailed at aud$22. i thought it’s quite pricy. until priceline is doing a buy 1 get 1 free promotion for all revlon lipsticks and lipglosses. i couldn’t resisted the temptation.

in the red would be my color of choice. but i was told it’s ‘out of stock’. i’m quoting it because i can guarantee they will go back to shelf when promotion is over.

i bought really red and fabulous fig.

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going red


prettymom • 2010-03-26 • Comments (5)

fhtt makeup tutorial

monolid makeup tutorial by frmheadtotoe.

i’ve seen some local monolid korean girls with very nice eyeliners, but never really worked out how they did it. this makeup tutorial basically answered my question.

i didn’t re-create the look, because i couldn’t remember the colors. i only remember how she did the eyeliner. i did an eyeliner look based on this with silk naturals cream eyeliner in black berry. it’s basically red. i have previously talked about it.

i bought mac eyeshadow in cranberry many years ago. i didn’t know what got me to get to get this color. i didn’t know how to use this color. it’s a plummish color with very strong red tone. since i found out how cream liners stays better when set with eyeshadow, i thought this is a perfect color to set this red cream liner.

look of the day

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the chocolate look


prettymom • 2010-03-25 • Comments (2)

i wore a chocolate colored top today. look of the day is a dark brown smokey eye to match the outfit.

i don’t usually match colors used in makeup with outfit. there are also no rule that they have to match. you can have completely different color tones if you want to.

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the old revlon colorstay lipcolor


prettymom • 2010-03-23 • Comments (2)

revlon colorstay lipcolors

these are first generation colorstay lipsticks. if i remember correctly, these were the first of the colorstay products released 10+ years ago.

they were my favorite in those days. back in those days when dark and matte lips was the look. they were in different shades of browns. i was crazy about browns back then.

no color swatch because it’s too dark to take pics for the color to show up correctly. not that any of my swatch pics show up true colors from the crappy phone cam. since this is a discontinued product, i doubt anyone is interested.

the color, as the name suggests, really stays. but have to keep away from oily food because that’s what removes the lipcolor. the color peels and flakes when in contact with something oily.

they were neglected since glossy lips became the look in the late ’90s. i didn’t throw them away because i knew i may fell in love with them again sometimes later. surprisingly most lipsticks this old starts to show signs of aging, ie smell bad, but these have no smell at all! they probably have lots of preservatives… >.>

note: makeup has its shelf life, which also depends how it’s being handled. just because i’m using an old product doesn’t mean it’s a right thing to do. if you want to use a product past its lifetime, use at your own risk. makeup is just a hobby and i’m by no means an expert. for more information, ask google.

look of the day

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