arbonne eyeshadows in chocolate and sand


prettymom • 2013-06-04 • Comments (0)

recently i have the opportunity to try some products from arbonne. having never heard of nor tried this brand before, i’m quite impressed with some of the products, especially the eyshadows. very silky and pigmented!

arbonne eyeshadow - chocolate and sand

i had a look i wanted to do when i chose the products. however things didn’t go according to plan. because these colors are earthy tones they’re very versatile and i have done a few looks with these eyeshadows.

first, a bit about the eyeshadows,

Arbonne’s mineral-infused range of catwalk-inspired Eye Shadows leads the way in rich natural and botanical tones, working to highlight and define the eyes with colour whilst providing health benefits for the skin. Each powder shadow is infused with Vitamins A, C and E as well as Polypeptides which help to maintain the skins moisture and support the skin’s natural structure.

arbonne eyeshadows are individually packaged.

arbonne eyeshadow

let me bring your attention to the compact design. just push the button and the lid is opened. this is an impressive feature considering i often open lids with my nails and break them (and cry not being able to swatch nail polishes).

i chose the colors via arbonne’s website. it’s mostly guess work since the images were small and color descriptions weren’t available. the colors received weren’t what i had in mind. one was darker than expected and one was too light. nevertheless they are nice colors. the website has since updated with bigger images to give a better idea of colors. it’d be nice if color descriptions are included.

arbonne eyeshadow - chocolate

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casual autumn weekend


prettymom • 2013-05-20 • Comments (0)

no makeup eotd

my makeup look from the weekend, which is basically almost the same as what i wore last weekend and a look that i wore a lot lately. because i’m in love with an eyeshadow that’s perfect for no-makeup makeup look.

no makeup eotd

i’m back to wearing mascara again, since my lashes have been quite ‘stable’ and haven’t been falling out. * fingers crossed! * and that made quite a huge difference to the eye makeup. i look less sleepy and less tired.

eye makeups used:

  • etude house proof 10 primer
  • l’oreal color riche le sourcil brow pencil in golden brown *
  • arbonne eye pencil in toffee * – from lid to crease and lower lashline, blended out with blending brush
  • arbonne eyeshadow in sand * – all over the lids from lash to brow and lower lashline
  • revlon liquid eye pencil in black – fill in the gaps between the lashes
  • l’oreal false lash telescopic mascara *

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another daiso brow pencil


prettymom • 2013-05-17 • Comment (1)

a while ago i reviewed a daiso brow pencil that has been used quite regularly. here’s review of another brow pencil from daiso.

daiso brow pencil

this brow pencil was purchased a few months ago as emergency to touch up my brows when i was out because i accidentally rubbed off my brows. luckily daiso was close and i could get something cheap.

japanese print on daiso brow pencil

daiso has quite a few types of brow products. i threw away the packaging. the only thing that identifies this brow pencil are japanese. by the kanji and katagana, i’m guessing it says fine brow pencil.

please excuse the dirty shot. this has been used for quite a while.

daiso brow pencil - fine lead

i chose this pencil because it’s in automatic / retractable format where you just need to twist the lead out.

the lead is very fine. no sharpening required. 

because the lead is very fine, it’s perfect for precision application. this was purchased to carry out for touch ups. usually it’s the end of my brows that requires touch ups and this does the perfect job.

daiso brow pencil - brush end

the other end has a brush and i’m very impressed with this brush. it brushes the brow hair nicely. it also soften the color after application to give a nice natural finish without wiping the color out.

daiso brow pencil - swatch

this is brown, swiped once at the back of my hand. the color is buildable.

if you want to draw fine brows or if you already have nice brows but need to touch up gaps here and there, this is the perfect product for you.

as i prefer thick brows nowadays, if you don’t have much brows like me, starting from scratch with this pencil can be quite a chore. i prefer something with thicker lead to fill the brow and perhaps using this for precise definition here and there.

as mentioned, this is primarily used for touch ups when i’m out. it’s doing its job and i’m quite happy with it. for aud$2.80, this is pretty good value!

subtle smokey for day wear


prettymom • 2013-05-15 • Comments (0)

today’s look was inspired by pixiwoo’s latest makeup tutorial where sam did a day to evening look with outfit of the day. it looks quite easy to achieve with not many products used.

i usually try to do a screencap of the look as reference however i couldn’t find a paused capturable moment. so you’ll just have to watch it and see what it looks like.

smokey eotd

the smokey eyes was achieved with gel liner. just as sam demonstrated, the color looks quite intense when applied but looks fine after blending. it’s the blending that requires some skills which i need to work on. while it looks quite dark in closeup shots, the look is quite subtle, for a smokey eyes, when you look at the overall picture.

eye makeups used:

  • urban decay primer potion
  • l’oreal color riche le sourcil brow pencil in deep brown *
  • physician formular gel liner, the brown for blue eye set – on eyelid and bottom lashline, blend out with blending brush
  • laura mercier kohl eye pencil in antique jade – along top and bottom lashline and blended out with blending brush
  • prestige eyeshadow in melba – along the crease
  • arbonne eyeshadow in sand * – on brow bones
  • revlon colorstay eye pencil in black – along top lashline, filling in the gaps
  • l’oreal false lash telescopic mascara *

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no-makeup makeup for mother’s day


prettymom • 2013-05-12 • Comments (0)

happy mother’s day! to me, everyday is mother’s day. i’m happy as long as my kids are healthy and happy!

life is as usual in the pretty household. it’s just another sunday doing regular errands.

eye of the day

i swipe arbonne eyeshadow in sand across the eyelid, which gives that i’m-not-wearing-makeup look but brightens my eyes. i also spent quite a bit of time concentrate lining the end of my eyes to give them uplifting look.

lips of the day

a bit of more color than nude lips with l’oreal color riche lipstick in sensual rose.

products used

products used (not everything are photographed):

  • bourjois healthy mix serum foundation in #52
  • arbonne liquid foundation in fair * – mixed with above
  • urban decay primer potion
  • l’oreal color riche le sourcil brown pencil in deep brown *
  • arbonne eyeshadow in sand * – swipe all over the lid from lash to brow
  • revlon colorstay eyeliner in black – top lashline
  • arbonne eyeshadow in chocolate * – over the eye pencil
  • nyx jumbo pencil in yoghurt – inner corner of the eyes
  • l’oreal false lash telescopic mascara *
  • bobbi brown creamy concealer in bisque
  • skinfood salmon concealer
  • physician forumula cheek palette in nude palette
  • l’oreal bb powder in medium –  along the t-zone area
  • l’oreal color riche lipstick in sensual rose *

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