pastel purple nails with prorance honeyish manicure


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the weather has been so miserable recently. cold and wet. wearing something bright is mood uplifting!

pastel purple nail

pastel purple nails. a perfect spring / summer color. but there’s no rule that you can’t wear colors like this in winter.

prorance honeyish manicure #307

prorance honeyish manicure. what stands out is the design of the bottle. so pretty! the long handle is also easy to use.

i’ve never seen this before. it is a gift from mil. she said she bought it from an asian beauty salon for aud$9.

prorance honeyish manicure #307

the color is #307. that’s the only thing i can understand from the bottom lable. i can’t read korean.

prorance honeyish manicure - the brush

the brush is wider than most normal nail polish brushes, which makes it easy to apply. however the ease of application isn’t as precise as other nail polishes that comes with wide brush, such as essence and sally hansen. perhaps because the brush spreads out instead of laying flat.

pastel purple nail

this color is creme based and requires 2 coats to get even color.

prorance honeyish manicure #307

the color can also look more pinkish under different light source.

the first thing i notices when i opened the bottle was, it smells different. perhaps because it contains honey, which is said to provide nutrition to bloated and dull skin. it’s also DBP-FREE, Toluene-FREE and Formaldehyde-FREE.

i like that it’s quick drying.

it’s quite high shine when applied. the glossiness starts to fade after a day.

i’m quite impressed that it doesn’t chip easily. for me with minor housework done it only starts to chip on day 3.

have you ever tried prorance honeyish manicure?

arbonne blush in blossom


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arbonne blush in blossom

move over, nars orgasm blush. i have a new favorite – arbonne blush in blossom.

product description:

Arbonne’s mineral-infused and highly pigmented blush provides perfect natural colour to help highlight  and complement the complexion.

Infused with Vitamins A, C and E and Cucumber Extract, the lightweight powder accentuates and sculpts cheeks.

arbonne blush - package

like arbonne eyeshadows, i love the push button design on the compact. just push the button and the lid is opened. i have bad habbit of opening lids wtih my nails and it’s bad for my brittle nails.

arbonne blush in blossom - close up

the color blossom is peachy pink with golden flecks yet not overly shimmery.

arbonne blush in blossom - swatch

it’s hard to capture the color of this blush. it can look pinkier or peachier under different angles and lights.

be warned, the color is very pigmented. if you’re not a fan of heavy blush application like me, you’ll be shocked how pigmented it is if you pick up the color normally as you would with most blushes. while the color is quite light, it’s still shocking!

i’ve learned to just lightly touch the product with the brush.

the texture of arbonne blush is very finely milled, smooth and blends easily into the skin. colorwise blossom is perfect color to achieve a natural healthy glow.

it’s an instant love and i’ve been using it almost exclusively since receiving the product.

retail at aud$41, arbonne blush is available in 8 shades and is suitable for all skin types, and can be purchased from independent consultants or from the website.

nars orgasm blush vs arbonne blush in blossom

since this arbonne blush has become my new favorite, i think i should do a comparison with my old favorite.

nars orgasm blush vs arbonne blush in blossom

when i received blossom, i thought it’s a close dupe of nars orgasm. but on side by side comparision, the colors aren’t identical. both has that golden flecks but orgasm is pinkier and blossom is peachier.

nars orgasm blush vs arbonne blush in blossom

there’s visually difference in the swatch as they were more heavily applied than i would. you can see how much more pigmented blossom is than orgasm (about 2 swipes of blossom and quite a few more swipes of orgasm).

but when applied on my cheeks, the colors are very close.

so, why has blossom become my new favorite? because it’s more pigmented. a quick dust is sufficient to give me a healthy color. nars orgasm blush is quite sheer and i usually need to apply a few layers to get the color. in addition, i’ve used nars orgasm blush quite a lot (pretty much 90% of the time) in the past few years it’s time for a new toy.

i have had new blushes since acquiring nars orgasm but nothing gets this much attention!

product was provided for consideration.

embryolisse lait-crème concentré – 24 hour miracle cream

Skin Care

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i’ve been wanting to try embryolisse lait-creme concentre seeing sam from pixiwoo using this quite often. she has dry skin and i have dry skin. if someone with dry skin raves about it, it must be good, isn’t it?

embryolisse is available in australia. however it’s not widely accessible. i remember seeing it selling at certain online sites but at the time of writing this post, i can’t find it. if i remember correctly, it’s about aud$38.

i bought mine from ebay where price ranges from usd$25 to $40. the seller i purchased from is hk-based and also has an online site, which is also the only site i could find that ships internationally. i purchased via ebay because it was discounted on ebay at the time. the regular price at the site is usd$29 for 75ml. it was well packaged and product was boxed.

first, let’s take a look at the product.

embryolisse lait-crème concentré

it is package in tubes, which looks like medicated cream.

embryolisse lait-crème concentré

the product was sealed and you can open it with the pointy tip at the end of the cap. the cap is also flat top so the product could stand up right.

embryolisse lait-crème concentré - the product

since it was packaged in a tube, i expect the cream to be heavy and thick. the consistency is thinner than expected. it’s thinner than cream and thicker than lotion. 

what is it?

taken from the website:

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stormy night smokey eyes


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navy smokey eyes

this is an attempt to do lmff runway look 4 (scroll to the end of the post for face chart). it’s a strong graphite liner look. obviously i failed at doing it. since i didn’t have time to do it again, the edges were smudged and turned into smokey eyes.

navy smokey eyes

i tried to use most products listed in the face chart.

products used:

  • too faced shadow insurance
  • arbonne eyeliner in toffee * – on the brows
  • l’oreal color riche le smokey eye pencil in stormy sea * – draw a thick eyeliner along the top lashline
  • l’oreal infallible eyeshadow in all night blue * – over the eyeliner from lashline to slightly above the crease
  • rimmel scandaleyes waterproof kohl in green – lower lashline
  • l’oreal color riche eyeshadow quad in emeral concquest *- use the bright aqua blue in inner corners and over the lower lashline
  • revlon colorstay liquid eye pen – fill up the lashline
  • l’oreal false lash telescopic mascara *

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l’oreal nude magique bb powder review


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l'oreal nude magique bb powder

is the name ‘bb’ overused? l’oreal paris has quite a number of bb products in the range – bb cream, bb blush and bb powder.

we’ve heard about bb creams since it’s been widely used in asia for many years before it’s finally introducted into australian market. i have the bb blush which will be reviewed later. in this post, let’s look at the bb powder.

what is it?

The 1st BB Powder contains self-adjusting intuitive transparent powder pigments that blend with skin to fit any skin tone; creating a velvet-like finish to your skin.

l'oreal nude magique bb powder

an initial look, it’s just a pressed powder. the texture is very fine and velvety soft.

nude magique bb powder comes in 2 colors, light and medium. i have medium and don’t have light for reference. while the color looks somewhat dark, it’s translucent when applied.

i’m not including product swatch because it’s undetectable, ie sinks perfectly into my skin.

l'oreal nude magique bb powder

the product is travel friendly. it comes with 2 compartments. lift the powder compartment…

l'oreal nude magique bb powder

there’s mirror and sponge.

however, i don’t like the sponge. whenever i used the sponge to apply or touch up, i ended up looking cakey.

i prefer to apply with big powder brush. i have dry skin and i usually just powder the t-zone area to set makeup. with l’oreal bb powder, i have no problem dusting all over my face. it sets foundation perfectly and doesn’t feel drying. 

you probably have noticed that i’ve been using this nude magique bb powder almost exclusively in my recent looks. i’m loving it! works well with whatever used as base (liquid foundations or bb creams) and makes them last longer. a light dust gives a matte finish yet doesn’t make my face feel dry.

the product also says it gives ‘matte finish and airbrushed look’ when used alone. i have no problem dusting a light layer over my bare face, which gives no coverage but a nice matte finish. however if i try to build more coverage with more product, my skin looks cakey and drying. this could be due to my dry skin.

l’oreal nude magique bb powder retails at aud$26.95 and is available at major department stores and selected pharmacies and supermarkets.

product was sent for consideration.