what’s the hype about bb cream?

i’ve read about bb creams here and there. mostly by asian bloggers. because it’s not available in australia, i didn’t really go into the detail nor dig for more info.

until i got one as gift from sil.

basically it’s skin care while wearing makeup and originated in korea. can be used alone or under foundation. this is not an educational blog so i won’t go into the detail and misinform my readers. if you want more info you can ask google.

bb cream

gowonsesang hydra intensive blemish balm spf30 pa++. the price tag on the box is hk$232 at sasa (original price hk$290).

she said that women in hk are crazy about bb creams. this was recommended by her friend who swears by it and claimed it’s the best.

to me it’s like a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. when applied it has the whitening visual effect but doesn’t look too off. i like the effect. i’ve somewhat tanned since summer and so wanted my pale skin back!

i can’t find any color info printed on the product nor the box. i was told this is the lightest color and the color choice is limited. because it’s so sheer you don’t really need an exact match.

i’ve not used other bb creams hence i can’t compare.

but if i were to compare this with my regular mineral powder foundation, i like how my face doesn’t shine after just a few hours. my face was able to stay almost matte till the end of the day with blotting once after lunch.

look of the day

i usually go for a minimal look on weekends. after putting full face makeup during the week, my face needs some breathing space. i know i know if i want my face to breath, i have to keep my face bare. but i can’t go out with naked face! people will mistaken me as the lovely to-be-extincted animal!

casual weekend look

this is more or less the look i was going for yesterday, until i ended up with somewhat smokey eyes.

face was routinely moisturized and sunscreened before the bb cream is applied. the bb cream has spf. but applying sunscreen is an automatic part of the job after washing my face and moisturizing. it’s better to protect my skin from harmful uv rays.

i’ve tried applying bb cream with finger and foundation brush. to be honest i can’t tell the difference.

other items used

l’oreal brow colorist. can’t tell what’s the color because it’s so short and the color name was sharpened away. it’s a light brown for blondes.

bourjois duochrome eyeliner in voilet rose to as top and bottom eyeliner. since the color is very light don’t be afraid to apply more.

laura mercier kohl eye pencil in purple sapphire at the root of top lashline.

bourjois blush in rose d’or.

silk naturals lipstick in very berry.

4 thoughts on “what’s the hype about bb cream?

  1. cynthia Reply

    No wonder why the Korean actress has such a flawless skin. Seems like BB Creams are the magic that transform your skin to flawless skin. I’m crossing my fingers if my friend can pick up 50 ML Missha BB cream foundation when she goes to Hong Kong. I like it that it contains a lot of good stuff that can heal my face plus 45 SPF – good to use it for the summer.

  2. prettymom Reply

    @cunthia, i think most are borned with flawless skin too. if you have good skin as ‘good base’, anything works!
    is missha good? i’m going to do a research on it. i think i’m going to be crazy about bb cream next! 🙂

  3. linda Reply

    cool, i might give bb cream a try too myself since i have chinese stores that sell tons of these skin care and cosmetic things. i always wanted to try it bb cream.

  4. prettymom Reply

    @linda, let me know how they go. this is the only bb cream i’ve tried and i’d like to know anything better out there.

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