the best foundation brushes – real technques buffing brush and stippling brush

if you’re a beauty blogger / vlogger, you’re no strangers to real techniques makeup brushes. it’s created and designed by samatha chapman of pixiwoo, one of my favorite youtube gurus.

i’ve been wanting to get these brushes when they were released more than a year ago. they were either available on sites that do not ship internationally or with shipping fees that does not justify the purchase. when they were finally available in australia, i couldn’t make myself paying for the outrageous markups.

i was really excited when i found out the these brushes are available on at ‘slightly’ discounted price that offers free international shipping. what’s even more exciting? i got a code that takes $10 off first purchase! i had to take this deal!

i have a code to share with you – you can find it from the sidebar or keep reading!

instead of reviewing what i ordered, i’ll jump into what quickly become my favorite.

real techniques buffing brush and stippling brush

the 2 brushes that are added to my frequently used brushes list.

real techniques buffing brush and stippling brush

the buffing brush (part of the core collection) and the stippling brush.

real techniques buffing brush and stippling brush

the hair are firm and dense, and are soft and gentle on the skin.

i was intitially disappointed with the size of the brushes. they seem… rather small for face brush.

real techniques stippling brush vs sigma dual fibre brush

comparision of size of stippling brush and sigma‘s duo fibre brush. but notice how much denser is real techniques’ stippling brush.

but after using them, size doesn’t matter!

what are the difference between these 2 brushes? besides they look different…

theorectically, the buffing brushes gives more coverage and the stippling brush gives a lighter coverage. sam did a video explaining the differences.

to be honest, usage-wise, i can’t tell the difference. i’ve tried it on the same foundation. both gives even and flawless application without leaving streaks like typical foundation brushes do. i even did 1/2 face with 1 brush and the other 1/2 with the others. both seems to have the same coverage. maybe it’s to do with different foundation types and the coverages they give?

i’m not too fuss about coverage.

as a result, i simply use them as foundation brush and use them alternatively. when 1 is dirty i use the other. then wash them when they’re both dirty. rinse and repeat.

they are easy to clean and are dried overnight. i’ve been using them for a few weeks and haven’t experienced shredding. i was quite surprise how fast they dry, because it usually takes longer for synthetic brushes to dry, especially that the hair are quite dense.

they’re great for all types of foundations, except that the stippling brush isn’t that great with powder foundations, pressed or loose.

with traditional foundation brushes, i tend to use more product than using my fingers. but with these brushes, i use less product. for liquid foundation, a smaller than 5c peice is enough to cover the whole face including the neck!

these brushes do not just function as foundation brush. they are great for applying blushes and highlighters.

one word. love!

the stippling brush is sold individually at usd$10 (aud$22.95). the buffing brush is part of the core collection rrp usd$18 (aud$45).

discount code

use code KLC139 to get $10 off your purchase of $40 or more or $5 off on smaller order at

note that the site currently offers free international shipping for orders more than $40. the promotion will end on 31/12/12.

this post contains affiliate links. by using’s discount code, i will earn reward points from your purchase.

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