the best and the worst sigma brushes

i have been using sigma brushes for almost a year. i bought them because of the hype they’re mac clones at fraction of price. though professional makeup artists would argue they’re not comparable. but for someone who’s on tight budget, being able to own a complete set of brushes at affordable price is the greatest attractraction.

i have bought 2 sets of brushes. first the 12-piece brush set (with the old numbering system) followed by the eyes kit.

i’ve been using sigma brushes most times since getting them almost a year ago. there are brushes i always reach out for, mostly the eye brushes that why i later bought the eyes kit. there are brushes that i rarely use.

so i thought i’ll share what i think is the best and the worst brushes from this company.

sigma brushes ss150, ss2127, e25

the brushes that are featured in this post. the powder brush ss150 (now F30) and the blending brushes ss217 / E25 which was gift with purchase.

which one do you think i label as the best and the worst? if you use sigma brushes, what is your best and worst?

the worst

sigma brushes ss150

the powder brush ss150 (now F30).

what’s good about this brush? it’s soft. softer than my mac powder brush! it’s large and does a great job with loose powder application. i love the feel of bristles on my face.

why do i label it the worst? because it sheds like crazy!!

there was minor shedding initially and seems to settle down. this brush went into hibernation because i rarely powder my face during summer. when i used again, it sheds. it was major shedding! hair all over my face! i spent the rest of my limited makeup time to remove the hair from my face. i was not happy.

i thought, it was shedding because i’ve not touched it for a while. let me wash it and let it settle down.

the next time i used it again, it was hair all over my face again. another unhappy experience. 🙁

i tested by tapping the brush against the sink. i couldn’t believe my eyes. hairs kept falling out and all over the sink!

this is not normal. this does not happen to my other brushes.

i’ve not touched this brush ever since. i can’t afford spending times removing hair from my face and mess up my makeup.

i’m now without a good powder brush.

this brush carries the old numbering system. i don’t know if its successor with the new coding system has any improvement.

the best

sigma brushes ss127, e25

the blending brushes ss217 / E25. they were the free gifts from the 2 separate purchases.

i usually have no expectation with free gifts. i was surprised to find that the free gifts was the best out of all. i use them all the time! i don’t know what i’ll do without them!

they are perfect for blending or to apply eyeshadows as single wash of color.

note that these are travel-size brushes. thought they carry different codes, they are equally awesome.

i’m supposed to have 3 of these brushes. the 3rd one was for being an affiliate. but it’s misplaced. 🙁

i am affiliated with sigma beauty and this post contains affiliate links.

6 thoughts on “the best and the worst sigma brushes

  1. linda Reply

    i have some of mac brushes: 187, 217, 224, 239, 116, 219, 209. ya the 187 is duo fibre brush which i use for liquid foundation which is pretty good. the rest are for eyes, with the exception of 116. thats my blush brush. 🙂

  2. Ling Reply

    I always hear so much hype about Sigma brushes but havent had the urge to buy them yet…maybe soon…

  3. Cynthia Reply

    I agree there are some miss and hit on some of the sigma brushes. I rarely use the powder brush the SS150, but I haven’t notice on the shedding part.

    Maybe you got a bad one??? I really like the blending blush a lot and it works wonder. I’m glad that I invested on a 12 piece set but I wish I could have waited for the premium set though.

  4. prettymom Reply

    @linda, wow that’s a lot of mac brushes!

    @ling, it’s hard to resist when almost everyone have a set! it’s always a good starting set if you don’t already have a good collection of brushes.

    @cynthia, maybe i got the bad brush 🙁 i found quite a few complaints that ss150 sheds, but not as bad as mine. i always wish i had waited for something better!

  5. wilbenshire Reply

    So happy to see a blog post on Sigma brushes that doesn’t hype them up. Refreshing after reading/watching countless reviews from the affiliate army who feel obliged to be positive.

    I had bad experience with their F50 brush which is a duo-fibre. It shed a ridiculous amount, the black dye bled into the white bristles and the handle snapped off when I washed it for the first time.

  6. prettymom Reply

    @wibenshire, thanks! 🙂 i have the duo-fibre brush with the old numbering system. mine doesn’t have the shedding problem.

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