smokey cranberries and grapes

i have to rave another of my sigma makeup brushes. ss275 medium angled shading brush. (i noted the number because i have the brush with me as i’m writing this post.) this will be reviewed with other brushes that haven’t been reviewed, but it’s so good i have give it a mention.

i have problem properly putting colors on the crease. i thought it’s my eyes. i don’t have natural crease and i don’t have the skill to create one. i always ended up blending them away.

i also have the problem to properly v-shape the outer corner of the eyes. i also blamed the shape of my eyes. and my bad makeup skill.

until i used this brush. it’s amazing! how easy it is to shade the crease and v-shape the outer corner of the eyes! i probably should make a video to demonstrate this.

best of all, this is one of the brushes that doesn’t have the bad odor.

the look

it’s subtle reddish purple-ish smokey eye look. it was inspired from one of the makeup tutorials on yt. i watched so many i don’t really remember where it comes from.

cranberry look

i didn’t use the exact colors because i couldn’t remember! the basic principle was applied – black in the lid area and a dark intense sharp color on the crease.

mac eyeshadow in cranberry was applied on the crease.

lashline to crease was filled with prestige total intensity eyeliner in powerful purple and smudged. hard candy eyeshadow in cyber (a very pretty glittery black) was applied over the smudged color. this gives a dark purple-ish color.

silk naturals eyeshadow in sandy was applied in the inner corner of the eyes and inner 1/2 of the lower lash line.

the rest of lower lashline was lined with sigma makeup eye shadow in play with fire.

after mascara was applied, tightline the top and outer 1/2 of lower lashline with a black waterproof eye pencil. i use bourjois contour clubbing eye pencil. this is my favorite and i use it 99% of the time.

cranberry look - open eye

i really like the subtle smokey look. the photo looks more subtle than it was in real life.

for once i love a look i did! only if i could take a proper pic of it.

cranberry look

on my lips, revlon matte lipstick in fabulous fig and silk naturals lipstick in berry nice.

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  1. Lin Reply

    wow you look totally different!! can’t tell it was you. =P nice job!

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