simple look with skinfood

it’s been a little while since this site is updated. i went through an unmotivated phase due to ‘things in life’. instead of stressing myself out i decided to take a short break staying away from this blog for a while.

i don’t know if i’m back regularly yet. i did a simple look today that i really like and decided to blog about it.

earlier this month, i broke my spending ban (again!) and bought skinfood bb cream and concealer from ebay. they arrived during my short break. i’ve been playing with them love them!

products used

first, products used for the look (in order of use):

  • skinfood good afternoon honey black tea bb cream
  • skinfood salmon darkcircle concealer cream
  • etude house proof 10 primer – on eyelids and brows
  • l’oreal le grand kohl in raisin – define and fill in brows
  • revlon colorstay liquid eye pen – on top lashline concentrate on center of the eyes
  • physician’s formula cheek palette in rose palette
  • morgana cryptoria lipstick in apple plum
eye makeup

plum brows and bare eyes.

i’m currently going through pencil products i don’t use on my brows. i colored my hair red for chinese new year and want something red to match my hair. i think lip pencils work better than my eye pencil collection in terms of color matching but they still do not meet my expectation. i think my hair color probably fades before i find anything perfect.

simple look of the day

i like this all-about-skin simple look.

my skin has been in one of its perfect state lately. it’s not the flawless kind of model perfect but i’m quite happy with it.

the bb cream simply enhances it and makes it looks even better!

i’ll do a more thorough review on these skinfood products, along with many other products on my to-be-reviewed list.

2 thoughts on “simple look with skinfood

  1. cynthia Reply

    I never personally tried Skin Food before. I hope to try their products one day cause their products are so adorable and cute.

  2. prettymom Reply

    @cynthia, i bought these because they’re cheap! doesn’t hurt to try. i like these 2 i bought and will probably buy more.

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