shoes and toes

this is what usually what my feet look like when i go out on summer weekends. it’s technically autumn here in australia, but there are occassional hot days, such as last weekend. saturday to be precise. it rained on saturday night and temp dropped for the rest of the weekend.


i bought this pair of camper’s platform about 2 years ago at a reduce price of aud$100. camper shoes are usually around aud$200+. so when i saw everything are $100 storewide, i just had to get something.

if you have eagle eyes you probably noticed that it’s too big for me. yes, it’s a tad bit too big. my shoe size is very popular so when it’s on sale it’s usually extinct. this is the only pair that fit me.

when i wear shoes that shoes my toes, i like my toe nails painted. i feel naked if they’re not painted.

toe nail with sally hensen chrome nail makeup in rose diamond chrome

the color of my toe nail is sally hensen chrome nail makeup in rose diamond chrome.

i don’t think i’ve seen any nail posts showing feet…

this product is probably discontinued because i don’t see them anywhere.i bought it a few years ago, when everyone wear nail colors that are as shiny as metal.

my toe nails are frequently painted than my fingers.

when i said i haven’t painted my nails for a long time in my previous post, i meant my fingers. my finger nails if painted, need to be painted daily or every other days to keep looking fresh. i simply don’t have the time to keep up. so i usually just leave them bare. but with my toe nails, i can leave them for a week or so. they’re less noticeable if chipped. i mean, do people really go down to study your toes? lol!

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  1. annie Reply

    ditto! my toe nails are always painted (well most of the time). and it can usually last 3-4 weeks without chipping.

    i haven’t done metallic color; they are usually solid colors.

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