re-organizing my makeups

newly arranged

my makeup collection is expanding (surprise?!) and this cannot keep up. my makeup area has been quite a mess. i bought a new organizer quite a while ago and finally i took some times to re-organize the area.

i’m so pleased that the area is neat and tidy again. i don’t know for how long.

not all the drawers are fully orgainzed. here are some more presentable ones.

loose mineral eyeshadows

mineral eyeshadows.

pressed eyeshadows and palettes

pressed eyeshadows and palettes. i’ve neglected them so much now that i’m more crazy about mineral eyeshadows.

more eyeshadows and samples

eyeshadow samples and the rest of eyeshadows that do not fit into above 2 drawers.

eye pencils, liners, brows, concealers etc

eyeliner and eyebrow products.


lipsticks and lipbalms.



lip pencils and lipsticks

lip pencils and rest of lipsticks overflown from the above 2 drawers.

newly arranged - different angle

front view of my makeup storage.

and if you’re interested, this was my makeup collection when i started this blog.

brush cleaning

i also took this opportunity to wash all brushes. these brushes are exposed to air and collect dust along the way. i do wash them all periodically. ideally it’s a monthly routine but sometimes i’m lazy and leave them for longer.

of course i do wash what i use to apply makeup more regularly.

for eye brushes, i do not re-use the next day until they’re cleaned. since i have collected many brushes with similar functions, i put used ones aside so they don’t mix up with cleaned ones. i wash them every 2 or 3 days. i wash them at night and they’re usually dried the next morning ready for use.

for face brushes, i usually wash them on weekends because they take longer to dry.

i just wash my brushes with regular shampoo. they’re cheap. if they’re good enough for my hair, they’re good enough for my brushes.

8 thoughts on “re-organizing my makeups

  1. Reggie Reply

    I love your new makeup storage! Those drawers are awesome. I had been looking for something similar before I settled on the setup I have now.

  2. Emily Reply

    I get all high and excited when I look at makeup organisation. It is a sickness. LOVE your drawers!

  3. prettymom Reply

    @reggie, i bought those organizers for the shallow drawers so i can easily look for what i want!
    @emily, i actually kicked myself to organize after seeing yours!

  4. Celina Reply

    Wow! That is a seriously impressive collection *_* And so organised too! I love love seeing other people’s makeup collections~

  5. Rinny Reply

    I love makeup organization posts! You have quite a large collection – it’s amazing how big it has grown since you first started blogging! 🙂

  6. prettymom Reply

    @celina, thanks 🙂 you should show your collection too!

    @rinny, i threw out a lot before that ‘original’ collection when i started (so i can fit them all into the organizers) and now i’m back to square 1 lol!

  7. Annie Reply

    oh wow~! all my makeup combined i would only need to borrow 1/2 space of your ONE tray :p

    no wonder people at work don’t even think i wear makeup daily…i don’t wear enough! haha.

    LOVE your makeup collections!

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