qsilica remove makeup & grime cleansing gel review

qsilica remove makeup & grime cleansing gel

qsilica remove makeup and grime cleansing gel.

it comes in 100ml sleek black squeeze tube with flat top cap. perfect to stand in shower or next to the basin.

qsilica remove makeup & grime cleansing gel

product description, taken from the website:

Our foaming cleansing gel uses natural Sugar and Coconut extracts to gently remove impurities while Jojoba Seed Oil helps to remove excess oils and balance the skin’s natural oil production. Skin is left fresh and toned, ready for moisturising.

qsilica remove makeup & grime cleansing gel

product comes in clear gel form. the consistency is quite thin and can be runny if the cap is not properly closed. it becomes foamy when applied and massaged onto damp skin.

the product is to be applied on moistened face and massaged in upward circular motion.

user experience

i like qsilica remove as cleanser. it’s gentle. love the fragrance. it smells like mixture of lavender and lime to me. very refreshing and awakening. perfect when used in this cold winter mornings when all you want to do is snuggling in the warm bed.

as makeup remover it does a good job removing makeup and leaving no residue. i tend to use more products when removing makeup and it makes my skin feels tighter afterwards. you can also blame the cold dry weather at the moment. a few things that’ve been perfect for me aren’t ‘sufficient’ for my thirsty skin in weather like this.

i also have the habbit of double cleansing when removing makeup. using qsilica remove in both steps will make my skin drier. however, i have no problem if using it with another product – either remove makeup with it followed by a creamier based cleanser or using bath oil or olive oil to remove makeup and use it as cleanser. this is what i’ve been doing.

warning, don’t use it as eye makeup remover. it stings! the product did warn about avoid contact with eyes. i thought it wouldn’t hurt removing minimal eye makeup. ouch!

if you have dry skin like mine, make sure not to use too much product. in fact this is something little goes a long way. qsilica has a moisturizer called revive which does a pretty good job hydrating and relieving tight and dry skin. will be doing a review on it later.

qsilica remove makeup & grime cleansing gel

qsilica remove has won 2 awards from free from skincare awards 2012 in london.

what is the award about? taken from the faq:

The awards have been founded to celebrate, encourage and reward the manufacture of skincare products that are ‘free from’ many of the allergens, chemicals, additives and artificial fragrances associated with skin sensitivities and other health concerns, and which those with sensitive skin and allergic, problem or sensitive skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis and acne, may find useful.

qsilica is australian made and owned.

qsilica remove rrp aud$19.95. it can be purchased online and is available in most health stores and selected pharmacies. go to the site to find a store near you.

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