prorance sunny glam bb cream review

prorance sunny glam multi bb cream

prorance sunny glam multi bb cream.

mil purchased this from a local beauty salon for aud$55. she didn’t like it and gave it to me.

prorance sunny glam multi bb cream

i’ve never seen this brand anywhere online and offline. i asked my best friend aka g00gle and found the website.

prorance sunny glam multi bb cream - the back

the back of the tube. can’t understand korean. the only word that i recognized are the english words ‘whitening / anti-wrinkle / anti-darkening’. sounds like everything i need!

thankfully the website has english version which makes things a lot easier.

taken form the product page:

Multifunctional BB cream that expresses a clear skin that Slide & FIX Polymer contains moisture at the same time foams a cool and thin films of cosmetic and absorbs sebum effectively without oily looking.

prorance sunny glam multi bb cream - swatch

product tested at the back of my hand. you can see that the part that has bb cream applied appears paler and the pores and lines are less noticiable.

website shows there are 3 colors from the range. i can’t find any color info on the tube. i’m guessing this is the lightest color.

user experience

i don’t have much experience with bb creams. this is the 2nd korean brand bb cream that i’ve tried.

the first one was gowonsesang (a name i can never remember). while i quite like how it feels, sometimes it makes my face look grey.

prorance sunny glam multi bb cream makes my skin appears paler without looking grey and still look quite natural. have i mentioned i prefer paler skin? little goes a long way, unless you want to look ghostly pale.

it seems to gives good coverage. even padding leftover color on undereye area makes me look less like a panda. of course i still need concealer to hide them.

it’s quite matte on application yet doesn’t feel drying. a plus for my dry skin.

it lasts all day on me with blotting once after lunch.

it’s lightly fragranced but totally gone by the time it’s applied on the face.

it also has spf 37. i love products that come with sunscreen.

this is my favorite foundation at the moment.

2 thoughts on “prorance sunny glam bb cream review

  1. Cynthia Reply

    I still haven’t find the perfect BB cream as well. I hate it that the shades are off and make my skin paler than what I am. However I heard that Bobbi Brown BB cream has come out and intrigue to try it out. I heard a lot of good raves of it cause she distinctively try to create the same formula from Asia and bring over to the US and has 5 shades avail.

  2. prettymom Reply

    @cyn, i’m looking forward to bobbi brown’s bb cream too, but it’s going to be overpriced (as usual) here. i’m tempted to try other korean brands from ebay.

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