paint my nails

i haven’t painted my nails for a long time. i used to paint my nails everyday or every other days. i never went out of house with bare nails. until i had my 1st baby.

needless to say i used to have quite a collection of nail polishes. most were bought when i was in hk. almost everytime i went to stores like sasa i had to buy something. i bought a lot of revlon nail polishes because they were about hk$18. they’re not the best nail polish around. since i apply my nails fairly frequently, chipping and durability aren’t issues.

when i stopped applying nail polish, it was shocking to see my real nails. discolored and dull. i mean i do see it everytime nail polish are removed. that’s why i keep covering the ugliness. i can’t remember how long it took to return to normal. maybe a couple of months?

i rarely apply colors to my fingers since then. most of my collections have gone bad and dried up. i’m not too crazy about nail polishes as lipsticks so i don’t buy them all the time.

revlon nail polish

my recent purchase. revlon nail enamls in steel her heart and midnight affair. they were $7 off at kmart last week. retail price aud$13.

i like darker colors because they make my hands appears paler and fingers more slim and longer.

revlon  nail polish in midnight affair

wearing midnight affair. a very dark blue. pretty girl insisted it’s black. :/

this is one rare color where the glossiness didn’t stay long. the color became dull only a few hours after applying!

revlon nail polish steel her heart

wearing steel her heart. a very pretty dark grey. i’ve been wearing this for 2 days and the glossiness is still there!

3 thoughts on “paint my nails

  1. Cynthia Reply

    I wish I had the obsession on nail polish, however I’m not a nail person at all. I never had a manicure done and never played with nail polish at all. My nails are always ugly and I cook majority of the time and don’t want chipped paints on food whenever I’m marinating something.

  2. prettymom Reply

    @cynthia, i’ve had professional manicure done only once. i just can’t be bother trimming cuticles etc. i think if you don’t prepare food as soon as you have nail polish on and wait for them to be completely dried, that should be fine. my mom and mil prepare food with nail polish!

  3. annie Reply

    woooh i love those colors. i paint my nail every week. each time would last several days before i have to change to a fresh paint.
    my nails are not yellow and dull though; i do 4 layers: base coat as a protectant, 2 layers of color, and top coat for fast dry.

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