organic surge first class face mask review

organic surge first class face mask. i found this quite a while ago at priceline in the reduced bin. i don’t know how much it normally sells. it was marked down to aud$5.

product description (taken from website):

First Class Face Mask deep-cleanses and nourishes to give dull or dehydrated skin an instant boost. Skin-calming chamomile and soothing marshmallow deep-cleanse and nourish while natural oils and plant extracts give the skin a valuable burst of moisture. The non-drying, rinse-off mask works quickly to leave the skin clean, clear and revitalised.

the product is dispensed via a pump. i like it! it’s more hygenic this way.

the product is to be applied on the face for 5 minutes and rinsed off, or leaved as overnight treatment.

the product doesn’t feels like a mask. it feels like moisturizer. sometimes i forgot it was a mask and left it on my face for longer than the instruction.

my dry skin loves it! it instantly sooth the tightness after shower. skin feels soft and nourished afterwards.

i love the smell. it’s so soothing!

instruction says to leave on the face for 5 minutes. sometimes i leave longer than that.

i’ve never tried it as overnight treatment, as the nourishment seems to disappear after 30 mins or so. any longer, skin starts to feel dry… that’s usually when i remembered i had mask on my face and need to rinse it off!

if i have time in the morning, i like to do a quick mask with this product. foundation seems to adhere better, and i can use less foundation – only apply where necessary. however i usually run out of time in mornings.

the product says for all skin types. with my dry skin, it feels nourished when applied. however it may be quite heavy and thick for oily skin. <– just an opinion. if you have oily skin and tried this product, let me know how it feels.

i haven’t seen this brand anywhere. maybe it’s no longer available in australia.

3 thoughts on “organic surge first class face mask review

  1. prettymom Reply

    @jos, it is! unfortunately i can’t find them anywhere else now.

    @phlox, it’s a great instant boost for your skin!

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