one hand washes the other lip butter review

today marks the last day of 2012. i’ve been planning to do favorite products of the year post, but i can’t seem to get to it. instead, i’ll bring you something that i fell in love instantly.

one hand washes the other lip butter

one hand washes the other lip butter, described as your lips’ best friend.

ohwto lip butter - ingredients

the list of awesome ingredients packed into one tube.

ohwto lip butter

there are quite a number of flavors to choose from. i chose banana. it smells just like… banana! yum!

ohwto lip butter

please excuse the slightly uncleaned shot. i used it as soon i opened my package. i couldn’t resist the yummy banana!

it’s very moisturizing. very very! it’s glides on my lips smoothly and effortlessly. it sooths my chapped lips instantly. what more can i say about a lip balm?

i’m planning to get more. cafe latte and oh fudge sounds yummy!

ohwto lip balms are available at the website for usd$3.50.

thank you for reading and hope you’ll have a very happy new year. see you in 2013!

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