oldies: l’oreal glam shines

this is another oldies series where i post about makeups i once owned.

there was at one stage i was crazy about glosses.  i loved my lips as shiny as possible. the husband called it ‘the roast duck look’, as in eating roast duck without cleaning your mouth.

l'oreal glam shines

some of the lipgloss collection from l’oreal’s glam shine ranges. i had more than that but these were the ones that were left when i did the decluttering exercise.

these glam shines are very glittery. lips are glossy on application but the shine factor aren’t long lasting. my lips usually ended up with lots of small glittering particles by the end of the day. i haven’t purchased glam shines in recent years so i don’t know if it’s still the case.

l'oreal glam shines

the glam shine sorbet and glam shine sheer glow.

l'oreal glam shines - swatches

the colors from these 2 ranges are sheer. on my lips you can still see subtle hint of color from the sorbets but all colors from sheer glows end up looking the same

i usually used the sheer glows as top coat for my lips.

l'oreal glam shines

the glam shine lipcolors.

l'oreal glam shines - swatches

the colors from this range are a little bit more pigmented, showed up a bit more than subtle hint of color on my pigmented lips.

as said, these glam shines gives your lip shine via the glittery particles and are in general not as glossy as expected. imo, mac lip glasses gives one of the best glossy shine factor. 

have you owned any of these glam shines?

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