oldies: diorific plastic shine

diorific plastic shine

diorific plastic shine. i bought this because a friend said it’s very shiny and has great staying power. a gloss with great staying power! i was sold.

i really like the design of the tube. one reason why i kept this for so long even though i don’t use it.

this perhaps was one of the most expensive wastage. i believe it was aud$30-something about 10 years ago. i only wore it once.

love the great shine it gives. very very shiny. just like the name, a new clean shiny plastic kind of shine.

diorific plastic shine

the problem was the color. it is a very intense dark brown, almost like dark chocolate.

i chose this color because i liked dark colors. it’s a very nice dark color. in fact, i really like how it looks on my lips. if i don’t eat nor drink all day.

dark colors as gloss can be quite messy with drinks. while the color stays, the color became quite uneven after a drink and the lips became hot mess after a few drinks. i didn’t know how awful my lips were until i checked in the mirror.

this could be a nice gloss for going to events without food or drinks. or even night clubs. unfortunately i never had the chance to go to these places.

after all these years it didn’t smell bad (great preservatives?) while i’m somewhat ok applying old lipsticks, i’m not too sure about glosses. i just had to let go because it’ll probably sit in my makeup drawer for another 10 years untouched.

3 thoughts on “oldies: diorific plastic shine

  1. cynthia Reply

    Nice gloss but I don’t think I can ever sport something too dark cause dark color gloss is very dramatic that attracts attention.

  2. prettymom Reply

    @cynthia, i used to like very dark lips, so dark i look like i’m poisoned! but i don’t wear much dark lips nowadays.

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