oldies: bourjois effet 3d lipglosses

bourjois effet 3d lipglosses

another oldies series about glosses. this time it’s bourjois effet 3d lipglosses. these were added to my collection during the time i was crazy about having shiny lips. these glosses were one of the few that gives a very shiny effect.

bourjois effet 3d lipglosses - the brush

unfortunately i don’t use these glosses much. mainly because i hate the applicator. it’s in brush format. no matter how careful i try to be when putting the applicator back into the tube, the bristle bend. eventually they go all different directions and do not give smooth applications anymore.

at first i thought it’s just problem with 1 tube. but it’s a problem with all of them.

so why do i buy more, i hear you ask. i don’t know… it’s a… makeup addict thing.

i always know i spent too much money on makeup, but i realize i really waste too much money on makeup during the last spring clean.

i believe i had more, but these were left after the many spring-clean over the years. i believe some colors are still available and some were discontinued.

bourjois effet 3d lipglosses

like all bourjois products, the colors are numbered and named. however i forgot to take note of the names and i can no longer checked because they were finally dumped.

bourjois effet 3d lipglosses

they are very shiny. like most good glosses, the shine factor lasts quite well, if i don’t eat nor drink. as soon as they lips touched something, they’re messy.

they were quite sticky too. stickiness was one reason why i wasn’t into glosses, until some stage i was crazy about glosses and it didn’t bother me much. of course now that i’m once again not that into glosses, it’s one thing i can’t stand.

#62 was one of the most frequently worn gloss. just by itself it’s like a sheer gloss with subtle golden hint. it looks great on top of lipsticks, especially red lipsticks.

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