oldies: nina ricci lipsticks

during the x’mas and new year period, i tried to declutter makeups that i’ve hoarded over the years. while i do the declutter excercise from time to time, they’ weren’t as massive as this time. 

if you follow me on instagram, you probably have seen some of them. it was quite sad to say goodbye but i managed persuaded myself to let go. mainly because…

  • most were purchased long time ago, some could be dated to the last decade!
  • i don’t use them anymore
  • i can’t find what i’m looking for from the huge mess
  • i need to make room for some potential new makeups

at the time of writing this post, i have already thrown them away. there are regrets, but it’s things i need to do…

here’s one of those i once owned.

nina ricci lipsticks

i bought nina ricci lipsticks because of the design and i kept them because of the tubes. too bad that the cute tube is not a valid reason to keep them.

in australia you see nina ricci perfumes but not makeups in stores. i bought these from duty free back in the mid-90’s. /gasp, that long ago!

nina ricci lipsticks

this is a set of 5 colors. there should be a pink one but it has gone missing.

i purchased this set of ‘wild’ colors because i already had too many ‘normal’ lipsticks and wanted to try something unconventional.

nina ricci lipsticks - swatches

the pigmentation of these lipsticks sucks. they’re pale and sheer, and hardly showed up on my pigmented lips. hence i didn’t wear them much. back in the 90’s i wanted my lips as bold and as matte as possible. hands up if you lived that era.

since i can’t find anything via g00gle, they’re probably discontinued.

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  1. Tricia Reply

    I have owned one or two nina ricci lipsticks before too! I was working in duty free after graduation in 1994 and so picked up a few!! I really like the coverage and everything about it… scent and packaging. I remember mine was a bright red too. Can’t remember what happened to it but I think I finished it.

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