my frequently used makeup brushes

makeup brushes

my makeup brush collection.

majority of them are from sigma beauty and ecotools. some are from various brands such as the body shop, mac. few were brushes that comes with makeup products.

it’s probably quite a lot when compared to what ‘normal’ people own. but it’s probably a portion of what makeup addicts own. and simply only a small fraction when compared to makeup artists’ collection.

i don’t use all of them. there are ones that i use frequently and there are ones i haven’t used for a long time.

here are my frequently used makeup brushes at the moment.

note that since i’ve had these brushes for years and i can’t remember how much i bought them for. prices quoted are based on current prices listed on websites or found on the internet.

for the face

frequently used face brushes

ecotools powder brush (usd$7.99, aud$16.95) – this isn’t my ideal powder brush. the bristles are too soft and not firm enough. however it’s the only big brush i have that doesn’t shed. after years of use, it’s something i slowly get used to.

sigma large angle contour brush (usd$16) – i mainly use it when contouring my cheeks. sometimes i use it as blush brush.

ecotools blush brush (usd$6.99, aud$15.95) – my favorite blush brush. i love the densely packed tapered bristles, perfect for blush application and applying highlights to top of the cheeks.

for eye makeup

frequently used for eye makeup

mac blending brush – this was part of limited edition brush set i bought 10+ years ago. i don’t know the number since it came off. i used this to blend eyeshadows until i own sigma’s blending brush, which does a better job. i like using this as small powder brush to set undereye concealer or other smaller areas.

ecotools concealer brush (usd$3.99, aud$6.95) – the best concealer brush. i like the fat and tightly packed bristles that covers dark undereye circles perfectly. it also works great to apply cream based eyeshadows.

ecotools angled eyeliner brush (usd$3.99, aud$6.95) – perfect for filling and defining brows. the bristles seems too firm for eyeliner, but i’ll use it as backup eyeliner brush.

sigma small angle brush (usd$10) – the bristle is softer than the above ecotools angle brush. it’s also narrower and gives a more precise application. i like using it for gel liners and it creates the perfect cat eye flick. it’s also soft and gentle for the skin between the lashes, ie great for tightlining.

sigma eyeshading brush (usd$10) – my favorite brush to apply eyeshadow. the is a one-for-all for quick eye makeup application especially when i’m in a hurry. using the side to pad color on the lids and the tip for lower lashline. and when i run out of time, i run the tip softly to blend colors together or to soften colors.

ecotools lash and brow groomer (usd$2.99, aud$4.95) – i used the brow side more than the lash comb. a must to smooth out brow hairs to make filling in brows easier.

sigma blending brush (usd$10, the ones i have are travel sizes and were gwp’s) – my favorite brush of all time. perfect for blending or to apply eyeshadow as single wash of color. this brush was featured in one of the most popular post from this blog – the best and the worst sigma brushes.

note: that all ecotools brushes mentioned above, except lash and brow groomer, comes in individual packaging. there are differences with brushes that come in sets. read my previous post where i did a comparison of these brushes.

i am affiliated with sigma beauty and this post contains affiliate links.

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