maybelline the colossal volum’ express mascara

maybelline the colossal volum' express mascara

maybelline the colossal volum’ express mascara in glam black. this is one of the mascaras i bought a while ago at aud$10 each. it normally retails around aud$18.

this is my mascara of the moment.

the colossal and the wand

the mascara comes with a big fat brush.

closeup of the wand

close up of the brush.

user experience

i was reluctant to try this since i read so many bad reviews about it. but decided to buy it because 1) it was reduced to $10 and 2) a friend recommended it.

the offputting rosy scent is the most complaint about this mascara. however, i don’t smell anything! and i was relieved.

this product promised up to 9x the volume. perhaps i might get that if i coated my lashes with x layers of mascara. i’ve learned not to believe in the hype.

with normal application of 2 coats, it does make my barely visible short lashes somewhat more visible. but not the promised volume size.

this is waterproof formula and it only slightly smudges the bottom outer corner of the eye. i’m impressed. yes, i have very low standard because with almost every mascara i tried, including the waterproof formula, they always leaves some visible marks on my lower outer corner of the eyes.

it keeps the curls up most times.

i quite like it! it’s quite rare that i like a mascara.

the only thing i don’t like is… the brush is too big for my short lashes. it’s hard to reach the lashes at inner corner.

will i purchase again? yes! yes! yes! waiting for the next special…

3 thoughts on “maybelline the colossal volum’ express mascara

  1. Rinny Reply

    I love this mascara! I’ve been repurchasing it for years now because I haven’t been able to find anything better yet. I hope they never discontinue this mascara 🙂

  2. prettymom Reply

    @victoria, you have beautiful lashes, it should look great on you!

    @rinny, i wish i didn’t wait this long to try it! just proves another mostly badly reviewed product can work too.

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