makeup tutorial

makeup tutorial by michelle phan @youtube

i’m currently hooked on makeup tutorials on youtube by michelle phan (thanks cynthia!)

i remember seeing michelle’s tutorial a few years back. but i couldn’t remember her name. and somehow her videos didn’t turn up in my search results. i’m so happy to rediscover her videos!

there are many makeup tutorials on youtube. sometimes i find new ways put on makeup and new inspirations. but most of them are by caucasians. their features are very different from asians. most don’t work on me.

after watching her videos, i find that some of her techniques are what i saw on other videos. they could work on me. i just need to modify their techniques. michelle gives perfect demonstration how-to without me trying to think how-to.

i am so inspired to put on makeup now! but i must head to bed. early morning tomorrow…

ps. pretty girl is hooked too!

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  1. Cynthia Reply

    Hey no prob, I love to share things to you and hope you find inspiration in some of tutorials from Michelle Phan. I’ve learned a little tips and trick from her and I can relate to her styles as well.

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