mac paint pot in soft ochre

mac paint pot - box

my firstever mac paint pot. this is a gift from a friend. thanks!!

mac paint pot - the jar

it’s something i’ve been wanting to try, but it’s something like aud$35 (or more?) in australia.

mac paint pot in soft ochre

the color i got is soft ochre.

mac paint pot in soft ochre

it’s a soft beige color. it’s just like the color of my skin.

i did a photo swatch but it disappears into my skin and i can’t work out which section of the skin is the swatch. :p

mac paint pot in soft ochre on my eyes

a thin layer padded on the lids over udpp. it’s very creamy and easy to apply. this color brightens the eye area.

the product is described as ‘highly pigmented eye color that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish.’ since the color matches my skin, there’s nothing ‘vibrant. it’s also said to be ‘long-wearing, colorfast’. let’s see…

mac paint pot in soft ochre on my eyes

the product creases in 2-3 hrs. that is, when worn over tfsi or udpp. when worn alone without primer, it creased almost immediately. 🙁

so sad. another product that works on most people except me!! i can’t use it as primer as it makes whatever eyeshadow used over it creases sooner!

look of the day

i really want to love this product. quick and easy application. the color is perfect for no-makeup / natural looks.

i can still use it on weekends. since the color is light, the creasing isn’t that noticiable when worn for only a few hours.

on my lips, morgana cryptoria lip balm in peach cobbler. this is the perfect color if you’re after natural look.

look of the day

on my lips after meals, morgana cryptoria lipstick in apple plum.

10 thoughts on “mac paint pot in soft ochre

  1. Rin Reply

    What a shame! Have you tried patting a little powder on top to see if that helps? I don’t own any paint pots, but I do love the look of some of the colours. Maybe a different colour will work better on your skin?

  2. Eyegraffiti Reply

    Hm, I have a paint pot too, but I use it as a primer, not as an eyeshadow. so maybe you should try that!//Azure

  3. Rinny Reply

    I’ve heard so many people raving about Soft Ochre but it’s a shame that it didn’t work out for you. It looks almost like concealer to me – it would probably disappear right into my skin too. I think this is one MAC item I’m going to be skipping on 🙂

  4. The Tubcat Reply

    What a bummer that this doesn’t work for you! Are you able to wear other MAC Paint Pots?

  5. prettymom Reply

    @rin, if this creases on me i doubt others will stay on my oily lids.

    @azure, yes, i tried that as primer, and it makes eyeshadow crease faster!

    @rinny, this is quite a nice shade on my lid. it’s like no color but better than my lid’s color kind of shade, if you know what i mean :p

    @tubcat, this is the only paint pot i have. it’s quite expensive in australia 🙁 i don’t think i’ll have the chance to try it had my friend not send it to me.

  6. Tram Reply

    Aww!! I’ve seen this on YT and Fashionista804 uses it all the time! Thanks for the review! I guess we should all wait till Maybelline 24HR Eyeshadows come out! Apparently they are MAC comparable, have you heard?

  7. Jos Reply

    That’s too bad! I have it in Groundwork. When I bought it from Mac warehouse sale, It was a already bit dry which is probably why it doesnt crease on my oily lids.

  8. prettymom Reply

    @tram, i’ve seen most people use them and they have no problem! just my weird oily lids… no many things work on them. yes, i’m waiting for maybelline’s to come here! i think it’ll take forever and will be costly too!

    @jos, maybe i should let it dry a bit. i have other products (not paint pot) that did work after they become drier.

  9. Toya Reply

    I have this paint pot too, it’s a bit light for me so I use it mostly as a brow highlight lol. I’m not a huge fan either, though it works ok as a base to hold shadow in place for a few hours. I usually wear it when I don’t care if my makeup fades. Too bad it creases so quickly on you!

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