loots from morgana cryptoria

i heard so much great things about morgana cryptoria‘s lipsticks i’m so excited i finally owned some of them!

lipbalms and lipsticks. they came in nice little pouches. as usual, pretty girl quickly claim them hers.

please excuse the quality of the photos. it was taken from iphone’s shitty cam. hopefully i’ll be able to take some nice shots this weekend.

they were ordered at the end of aug when there was a sale. some colors on my wish list were out of stock by the time i managed to get online. so i had to some from the leftovers.

trying out the first lipsticks from the order. wearing lust after midnight with de leon cosmetics lipgloss in #14.

i wasn’t sure when i looked at the color. i was in fact shocked with my color choice. it looks dark and dirty. but the color is pretty and metallic on myl ips. it’s lightweight and scentless.

i will post a review soon. 2 lipblams and 5 lipsticks! stay tuned!

update: reviews here, here and here.

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